Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm a guy's girl.

So the last two days have been filled with... various gregarious gents.

Yesterday, I was sandwiched by two of, arguably, Singapore's finest bachelors... Seriously. These two are the whole package. Not even kidding. One of them I think has been featured before in top bachelor lists. The other, has refused to take part. (Though both, I would argue, are overqualified.)

And MFAM, despite being rather tipsy from a pool party, went out to get groceries to make me baked nachos, with chilli and salsa and guacamole from scratch. And I mean.. this guy can cook! There is something incredibly sexy about a man who can take care of you, yes?

I mean... the last time The dude cooked for me was a chicken tagine. I am sure I am spelling that wrong. But.. it was yumscrummilicious.

Well.. our other mate swung by, ALSO TIPSY might I add, to round up this awesome threesome.

A very "spirited" crowd to catch what turned out to be a rather dismal Liverpool match.

Yes. The three of us, all "scousers".

I think, me and JWFFH then proceeded to have a chat.. till 4.30am. Time flew by as we were trading stories, and realising, only just now, (we all met in 2010), that we have many mutual family friends, and probably would have seen each other growing up.

Always.. surreal despite the knowledge at how small Singapore is.

This evening, late after work though. I had the privilege of spending time with another 3 chaps. All brilliant too. All fine, single, prime gentlemen. Good jobs. Great places in life too.

One of them.. I think our friendship was cemented when I was taking a month-long sojourn in BKK - and he flew down from Shanghai just to hang and chill with me. Helped that we stayed in a super swank place. (Which totally giggled at me while I was making reservations, and specifying each time, that I was staying WITH A FRIEND, so could they please change it to TWO beds and not one.)

No questions about why I am not dating any of these five please. Or any of the bros or boys in my life.

And one more time I hear.. that I am fussy. Or I should date my best guy friend. Or that.. my friends would definitely have been interested in me at least once. While, this might be true.. I think all of my guy pals, are all people that I genuinely treasure.

I just don't understand people who don't think platonic friendships are possible. Not sure if I trust them either.

I think people who think platonic relationships are impossible, are the ones who think everything revolves around sex. And honestly, are probably more likely to cheat. Because they don't believe that people can handle things like sexual tension in a mature manner, and choose to make sensible decisions.

Trust me, I've had platonic relationships all my life. All my besties, have always been male. And I treasure all my dudes. As much as I do my gals. Though, my selection of gal pals, is a lot smaller. Most, have been friends for more than 10 years.

I'm not that sure, if this is a result of being a daddy's girl. And possibly, because I've always liked stuff like cars. Trains. Fast things. Robots. Guns. From a young age, (And, my parents encouraged it, and didn't really tell me stuff like, "That's not girly. Don't do it.") that I possibly relate to guys better?

Or... because I have an inherent distrust of females. This has nothing to do with most females, because I have met some fine specimens in my older years that I adore in my life, and wouldn't trade for the world..... but because even as a child... females were... my tormentors.

As a kid in primary school, I was always the target of bullies. And these bullies were never guys. They were always a pack of Mean Girls. Who called me names. Were friends as and when they needed an extra player for games. Teased me relentlessly about my "colour" or my weight. (I was chubby, and the only mixed kid in a Chinese school) And... in general, just made life miserable for me. I guess as a kid desperately trying to fit in, and find your way in life, you just... try to roll with the punches. So you learn to let insults slide off your back.

In some ways, they prepared me for some of the worst bosses I've had. Prepared me for life - jobs like modelling - where you get constant criticism and rejection. And, inter"estingly enough, a few people have commented at various times, that.. "I'm good. People can say anything. Even the most insulting things, and I will not let it affect me,"

It's good because it means that I do have a higher stomach, and can withstand bad bosses longer, but, at the same time, it also makes me... put up with more bad behaviour. Because I always think... well.. that isn't THAT BAD...

The thing is though, throughout those years of bullying, the nicest people to me in my life (even when I was a pudgy fat kid, so... no, it was not about how I looked) were always guys. My bestie DC for instance. Or another bestie KT. They weren't outsiders or outcasts like I was. But, yeah... boys were always the ones that included me in games. (Like hantam bolah) Respected and were genuinely happy for me when I found stuff I was good at.. And generally, always included me in their lives. No questions asked.

I think that's why I'm also one of those gal pals that gets trusted with the husbands. I know many of them don't get one on one time alone with gals. But.. I'm usually on the "approved list".

I did realise.. I am truly blessed. I think I am often privvy to some very interesting conversations because... I am.. cool enough to be considered a bro. But hot enough, to be treated like a chick. Best of both worlds.

I have ridiculously handsome besties like MBF (who I don't quite see enough, cos he does have a colorful social life, and to be fair, has been super busy with work) ... and amazing bros.. like the rugger boys... who I've known since I was what? 14?! And they've just been there for me all my life. Even though all of them now are amazing men who have families.

Honestly, some of them, I still can't imagine as dads. Haha.. The transition has been rather.. enlightening to say the least. Some of them are still manchildren. Scratch that. Most of them are. And to see how they interact with their kids. It's usually a hoot and a half.


My Malaysian boys.. Which, funnily enough, include 2 girls that I think, are similar to myself. More guy friends than girls.

Either way, my point is... I had fun both nights.. and as I spend more time with brilliant, intelligent, sensitive and wise men like these, all who have drive, ambition and goals... I keep reminding myself, that yes... there are men out there that do exist. Actual nice guys.

So... to these awesome men....

Especially the three that I introduced these tracks to today...

I'm glad you're in my life. Each and everyone of you. No matter how you came in.. (and booooy do we have some interesting stories on how we met. *grin*)

Looks like I'll have to pay, Taipei, NY, Shanghai and Melbourne visits soon eh?

And ladies and gentlemen,,,
I present you, the soundtracks of the day.

Miley Cyrus and Jared Leto. Trust me, You will get goosebumps.

I promise.


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