Thursday, March 28, 2013

The year in briefs

you know.... Just so you can imagine that's all I'm wearing. Hee...


A lot of my past has come back to haunt me in the last two months or so. Flashbacks of the things l have done. The decisions l have made. All the choices that have led me to this point.

It has been a strange year this.

It was the first time l realised that l could have a crush. The last time l had one was literally 20 years ago when I was 13!

It was also the year when l realised that sometimes no matter how you love something ... how much you've given , sacrificed, and how much it tears you apart to walk away .... sometimes you just have to trust God has his plans.

l learnt this year that after knowing someone for 10 years ... that you might not know them at all. And despite all their flaws. That.... not everything is as it seems. And you find that you have a newfound admiration, respect and develop genuine affection that just creeps up at you from nowhere.

*** This post was originally written on Jan 1st. New Year's 2013.