Friday, April 29, 2011

MFW 2011- Songzio

What can I say that has not already been said about Songzio.
It was already presented in Paris Fashion Week to rave reviews. (Brilliant photos on that site btw.)

The styling when presented here, was of course, very different. The cutest hats, where one had to wonder, could the models even see?

And it received nothing less than kowtows in Singapore during its showcase during Men's Fashion Week in Singapore as well. And no wonder.

My impression: A sexy take on the modern urban male samurai warrior. *rawr*

Me likes.

And I shall start with my favourite part of the show first- the slash of red.

Scarlet surprise.

Only three outfits in the whole collection, lent a daring dash of of color to the collection. A punctuation mark, if you will, to excite and make people sit up. It was deliberate. It was well timed, and most certainly, well rendered.

The collection started with this:

Sharp, witty lines were the perfect culmination of geometry and fluidity.

It was as if Brauhaus precision had a one night stand with a panther.
And it showed in the enigmatic outfits, even with the way the models stalked and slinked down the catwalk.

I liked this next pleather look...

The bag. I totally can imagine carrying.

Huge and practical. Though I'm sure it would make my ass look big.

I loved the oriental twists to the collection.

*sara got distracted by moobies*

But I loved how everything looked like it would fit in on the streets of London, and yet, had a young fresh look about it.

The obi-like belts were almost like cummerbands that accentuated the core of the male physique. Even though they looked like corsetry, it did not emasculate at all, and instead, heightened the strength of the man for me. It reminded me of Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai.

I just loved this look. I love the way the collar stands, very practical might I add, in the blustery winds.

Very practical. But pretty parka.

I loved the visual texture of this look.

His hottie Highness- Philip Huang

Rocking the Bieber hair btw.

Hubba hubba come to mama...

What is it about the Justin Bieber experience that gets girls weak in the knees?

The "Best Designer in Korea" takes a well-deserved bow.

What I like about the collection- how everything is fluid and soft and tactile, and yet maintains its masculinity. Its.. well. Fuckable.

BTW. I want those hats. For my bad hair/face days. They look like the perfect hide-all-sins accessory.

MFW 2011: CFM boots- Patricia Mok

Spotted after the SGP showcase: Pat Mok.

Don't you just love her CFM boots?

(I want!)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

MFW 2011- SGP Showcase Part 4- ATZU

This, was probably one of my most favourite shows of MFW.

For one, it was part of the Singapore Showcase. Which meant everything was local. From the designers, to the producer- Daniel Boey of course, to the music...

And.. this part of the show- ATZU. By my beloved Noah Naima, the handsome Desmond Tan, and Chong Han Ping who for some strange reason, I have never met.

Even thought this was the last show of the day. And the show started super late. It could have started at 3am or the crack of dawn for all I care.. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Here's why:

Dramatic opening with my "hubby" Utt.

Starred cutie pie- Bryan Gamboa of West Grand Boulevard

Handsome fresh meat from FLY ENTERTAINMENT (my ex-agency)

George Young.


(and studied law too. HOOOOT!)

Jack Wang looking good

Julian Hee walking by in a fast blur.



Dang! Its been a long time Andie.... *wink winkEx-SA schoolmate (for a brief moment) Shane Mardjuki

Another handsome boy, Ashley Yeo. His mom was a supermodel too!

My honey Derrick Kong..

Ashley again... I was just amazed at the shoulders.

And Desmond Tan.

He looks haute on the runway no?

And look at the movement of the garment despite the structure.

Poetry in motion.


Look at Noah Naima rocking the runway!!!

She looks so happy and shiny and in her element.

Doesn't she (Noah) look like she's in a pantene ad?

This was a show that got many rave reviews, and its not hard to see why.

Stunning pieces that were absolutely sublime with their clean lines that were simply put, sculptural artforms.

And to see designs like that perfectly executed... definitely a rare visual treat from the shores of Sunny Singapore.

The line between wearable art, and just plain wacked out weird, is a thin, tremulous one to tread.

But as with all of Noah Naima's designs, one definitely finds that everything, was always perfectly balanced.

So cheers honey..
To a well deserved celebration.

'Twas a coup indeed.

With Rebecca Lim and Noah Naima at the "afterparty"

We definitely need to "celebrate" again.

And Noah.. I don't care who you make your clothes for. I WANT TO WEAR!



MFW 2011- SGP Showcase Part 3- evenodd


Can't you imagine me in this.

I like the fact that lines between the sexes are being blurred in fashion. And I loved this pinafore and coveted it myself. When it came out on the runway I kept hearing the "Madeleine" song in my head.

Thought it was a good job by designer Samuel Wong,. Now stocked at blackmarket, his brand is only 2 months old. So to be showcasing at MFW.. its definitely a good start.

Now about that pinafore...

MFW 2011- SGP Showcase. Part 2- Elohim

I would totally wear this look myself.

I was both excited, yet perturbed by the metallic, liquid leggings on the men. While I liked the look on the runway. I'm not so sure if I could stomach it if my man friend donned a pair of these.

*sara thinks for a while*


Ok. Maybe he's slightly different. He probably could carry them off.

Dang. I hate him for that.

I loved the way the back of this black tee moved when the model walked. It reminded me of the show tattoo. Where the tattoo was a living, breathing entity.

My fave look.

Almost like a mythological creature. This was my fave look from Sabrina because it was uncharacteristically dark.

If you meet her, you will realise that she is a loving person full of light. And most of it comes through in her fashion. Not sure where she reached into to get this look, but I'm guessing, there's definitely a deep story behind it.

I still love her female collection though. My Elohim dress is probably one of my go to LBD's.