Saturday, April 23, 2011

MFW 2011- SGP Showcase Part 4- ATZU

This, was probably one of my most favourite shows of MFW.

For one, it was part of the Singapore Showcase. Which meant everything was local. From the designers, to the producer- Daniel Boey of course, to the music...

And.. this part of the show- ATZU. By my beloved Noah Naima, the handsome Desmond Tan, and Chong Han Ping who for some strange reason, I have never met.

Even thought this was the last show of the day. And the show started super late. It could have started at 3am or the crack of dawn for all I care.. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Here's why:

Dramatic opening with my "hubby" Utt.

Starred cutie pie- Bryan Gamboa of West Grand Boulevard

Handsome fresh meat from FLY ENTERTAINMENT (my ex-agency)

George Young.


(and studied law too. HOOOOT!)

Jack Wang looking good

Julian Hee walking by in a fast blur.



Dang! Its been a long time Andie.... *wink winkEx-SA schoolmate (for a brief moment) Shane Mardjuki

Another handsome boy, Ashley Yeo. His mom was a supermodel too!

My honey Derrick Kong..

Ashley again... I was just amazed at the shoulders.

And Desmond Tan.

He looks haute on the runway no?

And look at the movement of the garment despite the structure.

Poetry in motion.


Look at Noah Naima rocking the runway!!!

She looks so happy and shiny and in her element.

Doesn't she (Noah) look like she's in a pantene ad?

This was a show that got many rave reviews, and its not hard to see why.

Stunning pieces that were absolutely sublime with their clean lines that were simply put, sculptural artforms.

And to see designs like that perfectly executed... definitely a rare visual treat from the shores of Sunny Singapore.

The line between wearable art, and just plain wacked out weird, is a thin, tremulous one to tread.

But as with all of Noah Naima's designs, one definitely finds that everything, was always perfectly balanced.

So cheers honey..
To a well deserved celebration.

'Twas a coup indeed.

With Rebecca Lim and Noah Naima at the "afterparty"

We definitely need to "celebrate" again.

And Noah.. I don't care who you make your clothes for. I WANT TO WEAR!



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