Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MFW 2011- Passion X Jason Menswear


If there was just one word to describe the Passion X Jason Menswear show during MFW 2011, it would be just that.

Here's a quick rundown:

Dread locked hair on men. Mostly bare bodied. Walking around in denim. It was like Twilight made an army of Jacob clones and let them loose on the catwalk. *rawr* Me likes.

Men wearing skirts, I have never realised how sexy skirts can look on a man.

And.. Finale: A twist- all the men's hair got chopped.

Now let's get into the details.

Who else could command a front row like that, except star-maker, David Gan.

Ping Hui, Fiona Xie, Christopher Lee, Fann Wong, Joanne Peh, Bobby Tonelli, Felicia Chin

The list goes on.

And on.

In our humble corner.. We had..

My angel.. Roro.

Whom I love and adore.

And totally would die for.

Though its probably best he didn't know that.

And fashionistas, Jerome Awasthi (stylist genius) and Nabil of onesixtynotepad

(The team of three just had a revamp for their website and it looks sooo pro now. Wah!)


The show was opened by none other than "His Highness"

Prince Philip.

I actually liked his walk in the Passion show. Maybe it was the scepter. I don't know. But he definitely had a swagger.

His dread locked extensions took 5 people to prep.

I squealed when I saw him on the catwalk!

My friend Derrick Kong. Looking delicious.

He's from Upfront Models and is a total darling.

And was totally hot.

The next two pictures, were my awakening to just how hot men can look in skirts.

Fucking Sexy.
Pardon my french.

See what I mean?

Now this, is total credit to Jason Menswear. I loved the drape and flow of the man-pant-skirts. They looked amazing on the runway. And I still can't get them out of my mind.

How JR Chan (brand formerly known as Cloak and Dagger) rendered denim in so many ways, was also masterful.

But what I love, clean, precision cuts. Great tailoring. Fantastic lines. No nonsense.

I love the androgyny of it all. And I would totally wear so many of the pieces. Menswear my ass.

I just took a quick gander at the Jason facebook page, and saw this...

Everything you find on JASON’S racks are things that JASON would wear.

To understand JASON the label, you have to first understand JASON the character…


Jason was born on 7/7/87, a Cancerian, he is full of contradictions.

He is someone who questions and asks why boys can’t be girls and why girls can’t be boys?

He is someone who breaks stereotypes, challenges creative boundaries and pushes limits. Before he creates, he destroys.

He believes that fashion is part of him, because he does not walk around in the nude.

He is an endearingly eccentric boy who hates to be constrained by worldly rules.

He likes weird.

His style changes, as the world is constantly changing.


That explains a lot. No wonder I liked the aesthetics. Me Cancer. Jason Cancer.

We're both full of contradictions. Questions. The only difference - I do walk around in the nude.

But moving swiftly on....

The finale starring... THE CHOP!




To Ryan Yap who was working so hard backstage with the whole Passion team, I only have one thing to say:

神也是人, 不过他做到了人做不到的事!


RESPECK! *sara thumps fist to cheat over heart*

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