Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MFW 2011- Raoul

Now I usually admittedly, don't buy that much from Raoul. I like their stuff for sure, but its never really been on my priority list.

But this year, their Fall/Winter showing at Men's Fashion Week left me pleasantly surprised.
I did spot a couple of my straight guy friends in the show, and I did notice when they raised their eyebrows and sniggered - thin leather pullovers, burgundy leather tops.

But there were many items that they did sit up and body language pretty much said, "Uh huh, I might wear that."

Philip Huang for Raoul

This was a cool image. Loved the color blocking on the shirts, though it didn't seem to rock the boats of my straight guy friends.

Think this was Philip Huang again.

Color blocking. Good.

A gal friend of mine said this was her fave look of the show.
Clean. Light grey. Crisp.

Johnny Yang Junze, one of my fave models of the season.
Love his look, and his walk. And the cool hoodie trench combi didn't hurt.

My personal fave of the collection were the color contrasts on the Raoul suits.
Charcoal with slate. Dove grey with charcoals.
I loved how it made the suits pop.

I strangely, also liked the thin rubberbands that the models had donned as hairbands to keep their hair back. Footballers do it. Sports players do it. I don't know why I like it.
Maybe it just brings my back to my Ah lian days, when Ah Beng's used to wear thin hairbands.

Undoubtedly, best part of the show, was the finale, when the models all walked out en masse.

All different looks despite the same color combis, showcasing the range that Raoul truly has.

It looked pretty impressive.

Plus... Many men. At once. Marching out.



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