Saturday, April 23, 2011

MFW 2011- SGP Showcase. Part 2- Elohim

I would totally wear this look myself.

I was both excited, yet perturbed by the metallic, liquid leggings on the men. While I liked the look on the runway. I'm not so sure if I could stomach it if my man friend donned a pair of these.

*sara thinks for a while*


Ok. Maybe he's slightly different. He probably could carry them off.

Dang. I hate him for that.

I loved the way the back of this black tee moved when the model walked. It reminded me of the show tattoo. Where the tattoo was a living, breathing entity.

My fave look.

Almost like a mythological creature. This was my fave look from Sabrina because it was uncharacteristically dark.

If you meet her, you will realise that she is a loving person full of light. And most of it comes through in her fashion. Not sure where she reached into to get this look, but I'm guessing, there's definitely a deep story behind it.

I still love her female collection though. My Elohim dress is probably one of my go to LBD's.

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