Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MFW 2011- Kim Choong Wilkins

Undoubtedly one of the best surprise showcases of the Men's Fashion Week, Kim Choong-Wilkins, half-brit+half-singaporean = totally hot.

His collection was superb and definitely a visual treat.

I first interviewed him when I spotted him last year at the Audi Fashion Festival. Something about his manner made has kept me watching out for him, and when I saw the name again on this years schedule for MFW... I did a little flip.

FINALLY... I would get to see Bodybound!

And it definitely did not disappoint.

(unfortunately, I only have a humble point and shoot that doesn't do too well with motion shots. So 'scuse the blurry shots, and take them with a pinch of salt and consider them artistic ok? Till someone sponsors me with a GOOD camera. heh.)

Now during this year's interview, much of which I could not include in our footage, Kim shared a lot of different things about his collection.

My favourite quote:

"I wanted to create a collection, where the clothes demand of the wearer as well. So its not a one way thing."

Each piece has such intricate studding, and such elaborate work.. I was honestly awed.

Kim Choong-Wilkins, who studied and graduated from St. Martins in 2005, first presented his Bodybound collection in the Royal College of Art in 2009.

But he tweaked the collection to be featured here, to suit his current aesthetic.

"I think if you are not working till the very last second, you haven't worked hard enough."

-Kim Choong-Wilkins

My fave piece of the collection.

I fondly term it "le porcupine".

Of course that is not the real name.

There is something very sensual, and very tactile about Kim's knitwear, that also demands of the people around it.

Looking at someone wearing his pieces, demands an energy, and provokes a reaction and thought as well.

To me, it is the perfect combination. When art and fashion collide.

Though this shot is blur, the top, almost spray on, reminded me of an armadillo.

I didn't manage to get close shots, but the slick, wet, almost rubber, superhero like material, from some angles, looked like circuitry on a motherboard of a computer.

Made the model, to me, look like he was hardwired.

And seriously, how much more manly can these wide legged trousers look even though they can appear like skirts.

Like modern day terracota warriors, with slick armor.

Awesomely sexy.

sexy man. sexy shirt. sexy skirt.
sara's hand shaked.
'nuff said

Utt, "my hubby" rocking his outfit.

(Yes, he did say so on TV and I have proof. heh.)

Unfortunately, my beloved also seems to be bethrothed to quite a few people.

I have competition. *rawr*

*sara's metal alloy adamantium nails shoot out*

Though if you think about it... won't those nails look so good with a KCW piece?

Utt and Kim Choong- Wilkins.

No price point yet on these babies. But, the talented Maximewas spotted wearing a specially made custom piece.

Just in case you didn't click.. the last link stars Kim Choong-Wilkins, head to toe in Mcqueen.

"I might do one for you in with pearls," he said when I asked if he was going to do anything for women.

Hell no. I love the pieces, cold and hard and prickly. Just the way they are.

This rendang+local food loving creative genius has collaborated with the great and late Alexander McQueen, Jasper Conran, Ermenegildo Zegna, Katie Eary and Matthew Williamson, so definitely one to watch.

So even though he says he hasn't made anything for women so far. I can't wait to wear one of his pieces.

I don't care even if I am weighed in under 5 kg of studs. I suffer for fashion all the time.

My cc bills are a constant reminder of that. -_-

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