Sunday, January 5, 2014

My eyes slowly adjusted to the light as I woke, lids still heavy from slumber.

The warmth of his strong, hard pecs, a firm pillow under my cheekbone, and the rhythm of his strong, steady heartbeat must have lulled me to sleep.

"Who was this guy?" I thought to myself. Distracted by the chocablock abs of perfection that danced out of the band of his underwear, peeking out ever so slightly from his jeans.

Well nevermind who it is..hubba hubba come to momma...

And a ball of drool slides sneakily out of the corner of my mouth and dangles like a yoyo and lands... *SPLAT*

Whaaa... whaa.. Whaaaat?! THATDIDNOTJUSTHAPPENOMG...

And that was when my eyes really flew open.

"So sorry auntie!" I said as I hurriedly mopped my drool with anti-bac wipes I whipped out of my bag.

Guess who is getting out at the next bus stop now, I thought to myself.


I need a plan for this stupid rooster. And yes. This actually happened. Today. On my way in to work.



And my reply... Afterall, I've been taught to handle problems with grace, with and a dash of humour.

Well, I'm still debating on whether or not I should post it on neighbours gate. Because seriously - pet or not, that rooster is keeping the whole neighbourhood up! And this morning it was from 1am to 7am. Gah.

It could be considered as my public service don't you think?