Monday, March 28, 2011

Kawaii 2- Singapore

As you can tell. We did a Kawaii series on RazorTV. It looked like Hello Kitty barfed up. But.. was kinda cool in its own way. I always think everyone has a different aesthetic. And sometimes, you just go with what works for you. Thought this girls hair was cute though.

Kawaii town- Nana

Queens of the beach - Singapore

Hot in Singapore- Singapore

interviewed them all....

Complete with Crocs- Singapore

Seriously. Crocs. Fashionable. In Japan.


Seriously. Crocs are fashionable in some places. Really. Watch this.

The Camera Man- Singapore

Camera guy at RazorTV- Sion Touhig. British. Hilarious.

If you gotta sweat.. sweat in style.

Jap school girls- Singapore

Gotta love em. And they are SOOOOO cute to talk to too!

Japanese Beach babes- Singapore

Cool crew- Singapore

Don't you just love the orange shoes?

Beverly Bee- Singapore

I was obssessed with her. Took so many photos. And she is a busy bee herself too.

Baby Foo- Singapore

And that's her real name. Honest. See for yourself! I suspect Bieber was singing about her.....

Hottie in Shorties- Singapore

Pretty girl this Sarah Foo. Still a popular video too.

Boxers to the beach- Singapore

He and his pal were definitely... RELACK LA BRUDDER.

Funny guys though. Check out their video.

Brown boy in the rain- Singapore

Singapore's Jack Sparrow?- Singapore

Stefan X Kwang.

Watch. this clip.

Beach boy. NOT- Singapore

Big bad watch.

Big bag glasses.

Big bad hat.

Yup. U know this guy does not like the beach if he came to Sentosa dressed like that.

Thai Bob Marley- Singapore

Pu Yunyong of I heart No Name at JJ market in Bangkok. They were my Bob Marley and Yoko Ono.

My Male Yoko Ono- Singapore

This was taken at Sentosa. Sea Wong. Definitely made an impression. He and his pal were just too cool.

Style in Shenton: Hot Toast- Singapore

He always looks a little... Rico Suave. And he always stands out in a crowd. Pity "Toast" isn't at Raffles Place anymore, because he definitely popped.

Style in Shenton: VP Chic - Singapore

She had style, while she went to "da bao"

I liked her. She was very elegant and I found myself staring at her from across the garden square at Raffles Place. Took me a little begging before this chic VP of a banker allowed me to snap a shot.

Style in Shenton: Beng is beautiful- Singapore

Style in Shenton: Bodycon babes- Singapore

And they were eating Macs.

Seriously. &^%%^$!

Style in Shenton: All covered up- Singapore

Style in Shenton: Flower power- Singapore

Campus @ Clementi: Presentation Day- Singapore

Two dudes. Same watch. Different schools. Different styles.

And both had presentations that day.

Campus @ Clementi: Dude with the tunes- Singapore

Campus @ Clementi: Prada backpack- Singapore

Obviously. Not a student.

Campus @ Clementi: Preppy -Singapore