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Her Blog- The season of change

Written 1st May 09


The last 12 months. Have been truly mind boggling.This is truly a year that has proven that anything, can, and will happen.

It has been full of nothing but surprises.

Less than 8 months ago, in August, our local paddlers ping-ponged their way to getting Singapore our first Olympic medal in decades. Now, Li Jiawei, is expecting a baby bonus.

In September, against all odds, Laurentia Tan rode her way to 2 Olympic medals. And if ever anyone has thought that is easy, they should see me when I am trying to ride a horse. Or hop onto the i-gallop. (I've always wanted to try, but I've been deathly afraid the mechanism will throw me off to immense public humiliation in some shopping centre. That, plus, I don't want people snapping candid shots of me with their camphones, in what, when well cropped, could look incriminatingly like I was in some softporn flick. Especially if I really actually enjoy it.)

With the way Ferrari was dominating F1 when Micheal Schumacher was around, I never thought I'd see the day that the first black racer, in a team I support, would clinch the F1 World championship, and months later have a brand new, upstart team, that almost didn't even make it into the grand prix, sweep so many victories with a car that had hardly been tested at all.

It has been a year where Micheal Phelps won medals, then was caught smoking marijuana. No more cornflakes for him.

This has been a year, where lets face it, Liverpool has been playing the best football we've played in the last 19 years. We still have cracks. But, just to see it happen, to witness it now, to see them when they are on fire and scoring goals. That, is amazing in itself. This is one of those years where I have looked at the team and am proud to say I am a fan. Yes. They are out of the Champions League. Something which, frankly, at this point, I am grateful for, because all they have to do, is keep fighting fit, and keep their eye on the prize.

Yes. There have been times where I have wondered what the hell Rafa was doing. But then again. Don't we all think that we can do better? If not, games like Championship Manager and fantasy football would cease to exist.

This is the year, that I, little old me, took a photo with Ethan Hawke.

And Liverpool, is coming to town!

Do you have any idea what that means?

Anything is possible!

Whatever looks horrible right now, could be turned around completely. Anything that looks like a sure thing, could always go wrong.

I have been deathly jealous of all these fans, who have written in to me about heading up to Anfield to make the pilgrimage before it gets torn down. But if they come to town, who knows?! I might get a chance to see them in person. The squad. Stand next to them. Maybe even poke them to make sure they are real. I just have to find out how to get a hold of tickets to get my tush in there when they are here.

And tone it up with tons of pilates before they come of course, because hottie Megan Fox claims its how she gets her itty bitty waist. (I knew I shouldn't have stopped my classes two months ago.)

This might also be the year, where Liverpool might finally be sold! To Indians! I have absolutely no qualms about keeping it Asian. Might mean they come to visit more often!

All I'm saying is. It's not over till its over.

Even Obama said, this, is the season of change.

All we have to do, is just sit back. And watch.

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