Sunday, March 27, 2011

Her Blog- Que sara sara

Written 8th May 09 --------------------- "And so it is. Just like you said it would be..." Beautiful song. Melancholic. And yes, rather depressing. Some people say that the script has already been written. A friend of mine, Andrew, told me the other day at a wedding no less,"Don't you know. Football is all rigged." He went on to reveal the conspiracy theory that seems to be on everyone's mouths, that since so many people keep saying it, I doubt it will actually happen. Like I've always said. My love life and my love for Liverpool, always seems to run parallel. The verdict: I have accepted. I am at peace. We had a good run. Fantastic. Almost a dream. But maybe for some strange reason. Its just not our time yet. (And yes, even relationships need their fair share of time, and effort, before it can bloom. Doesn't it seem at all, like next year is going to be a brilliant year for Liverpool?!) Someone wrote in last week, and besides making my day by saying, "Apart from that (meaning football, TV and guys nights out), I don't think there's any guy out there who wouldn't want to date you. Awwww.... But, I have to agree with him on one thing. The United match against Arsenal, snuffed the remaining ember of hope. Like when an ex blocks you on MSN or facebook. Arsenal, and their match against United on May 16th, seemed like our last card in our favour and now, while I am still gunning for the gunners. I have let go. What will be, will be. Que sara sara. We will have our time. And I, will eventually find happiness. (I hope.) I am glad that United will be facing Barcelona though. Give them a bit of a fight. Even Jillyn, our videographer, and a little dynamo of a fab female footballer and a die-hard Man-U fan was awed by the way Barca goes in with a formation that would do the Black Knights proud. I'm just happy that a team, with such flair and fluidity might be able to take United down a few pegs. It has become rather boring seeing Manchester United sweep up all the silverware. In fact, I'm hoping that a "Brawn-Merc" type thing happens sometime soon in the EPL. Shake things up a bit. In the meantime. About how the story is going to end. If Robbie Keane is really going to score at the last minute against Liverpool, sending my boys spiralling down to a crushing defeat and doing a "in your face" at Rafa, well I'm willing to do anything that is within reasonable request. Yes. Its a bet. I think it won't happen. So send in your requests, dare me, bet with me, if you think it will happen. And please, be a man, do the right thing, and wager something yourself. You can send them into and cc them to me as well, at Now, its off to the Audi Fashion Festival peeps. And if you don't think I'm being sporty enough. Try standing, walking and running around interviewing people for fashion shows in 4 inch heels every day. Besides, I get to drool over the sleek Audi R8 that I wouldn't mind running my hands all over. I'd drape myself all over it if I could have my way. Do I miss racing or what?! N.B. Note to the traffic police. Most of the times, Sara has been known to drive responsibly. She never drinks. And she has never been involved in any illegal racing activity. In Singapore. She swears.

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