Friday, March 25, 2011

c21b + Tsumori Chisato Opening

So there were tons of events on Friday night. And the one most people were looking foward to.. the Club21b opening, alongside the new Tsumori Chisato shop opening.

And I can't believe it.

I got to meet my idol!!!! Tsumosi Chisato herself!

She was lovely. And frankly, for a chatter and non-stop talker, I really did not know what to say. Which is rather unusual for me. I really do love her work, so I was probably a little awestruck.

Her quirky designs. Her free spiritedness in design... I half expected her energy to be more hyper. Except.. she was very zen.

Probably overwhelmed by the number of photo requests.

Am in the pic with Tsumori, and my bobo baby. Whom I love dearly. He's like a brother. Friend. And son rolled into one.

And my boob is glowing. I found out.. thanks to an oily smudge on my camera lens.

The club 21b showcase started, atypically, on time.

Looks like sheer might be in for men. As seen on boy in blue. Ah bengs pioneered this look back in the 90's with sheer windbreakers and it looks like it might make a resurgence.

Also spotted, Yang Junze. Johnny. One of my fave models for this season. (On left in pastel camo.)

As seen all over the catwalks, and at the Club 21b showcase as well... Bare midriffs. So get your crunches going girls.
Loved the construction of the skirt. Very Alaia. Feminine. Falls well. Flattering. And I HEART Alaia.

Overall, it was a decent night. It was a good crowd, and a good party. Just, the showcase left people feeling confused and was a little long. Either the models were taking a long time to change or something wasn't right because there were long awkward moments of silence where everybody was wondering what was going on.


It must be said that the new stores that all the hubbub was about are definitely are worth checking out, and if not for having to rush off or work, I would have taken more pics.

I like the new woodsy feel of club21b. It definitely feels more inviting and less intimidating than before. The lighting has also gone more yellow. And it definitely has a good collection of Opening Ceremony. J'adore!

The Tsumori store is really bright, and the lights might deter me when I have no makeup on. But with all the prints being so bright and cheery inside, I'd definitely head in when I need a mood lift.

Meanwhile, WORK BECKONS!
Over and out.

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