Sunday, March 27, 2011

Her Blog- Troubled times

Written 10th April 09 ----------------------- Ohoh. We're in trouble. Someone's come along and its burst our bubble. *sara singing and dancing to the super old tune * Well. Le sigh. It seems both my teams are doing badly. McLaren. Fail.Liverpool. Fail. Pretty much a a mirror of my love life. Uh huh.(Don't ask. Still raw. But like a typical Liverpool fan. Love and loyalty never die. We're like oxen in that sense.) And a mirror is exactly what Gerrard seemed to have during the match against Chelsea. The poor baby has injured his groin! Ok. So itwasn't. It's his hamstring. But groin sounds a lot sexier. And Essienwas a total mosquito. The match was so frustrating as a Liverpool fanthat I could hardly watch after Chelsea was up 2-1. It seemed mere mintues before that a Chelsea fan (cfcghimpheng) had justcongratulated me on Torres's goal on sms. Let's not even get me started on McLaren. I've long been a fan ofHamilton. Largely because he overcame many odds to be last years worldchampion. But if its one thing I loathe. Its LIES. Oh. And bad acting. And I'm not talking about Days of our Lives. Which I was so addictedto when they still aired it on TV when I was younger. I'm talking about players who roll on fields, like they were juststeamrolled and kenah "go-stunned" on. Get penalty kicks, corner kicksor throw ins for the team while they limp, or are stretchered off thefield, female fans hearts all over the world aching. And then in a blink of an eye, they're jogging back on the field like they just went for a picnic! Now what the hell is that all about?! When did soccer become the next WWE? I thought the days of Maradona, who by the way, was never a good actor and I wonder how he got away with it all the time, were over. I guess its probably like how Scarlett Johansson can get away with being an "A-list" actress despite her lack of depth in every role, based on,well, two reasons that keep her reputation, "afloat" thanks to their distracting qualities. Heh. Like my sis would say. She only makes the A list because of her D cup. Meow. *claws retract* Now one guy I actually pity, and should totally take up some acting classes.. Rooney.

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