Sunday, March 27, 2011

Her Blog- Love is a soccerfield

Does your love for your team resemble your love life? Guys. Help me out here. Am I really alone in this? I am a girl who ultimately, is clueless about guys and relationships. So in this column, I'm going to plead for your help, and include my personal email address so that you can possibly give me advice. Big, small, I'd appreciate it all. Now I've said that Liverpool's are hopeless romantics. Man Utd fans are diehards and Arsenal fans are always passionate and opinionated. Well, I've also observed some others. Everton fans for example, they are sneaky ones aren't they? They are the types who fly just under the radar, but they're actually strong contenders. One thing I would say about them, if you are competing for love against an Everton fan, woooo, you'd better watch out. They are unassuming. But they bring the punch when it counts. Funnily enough, I was discussing this with my friend Prakash, and we both have great respect for Tottenham Hotspur fans. I know its strange. Man. They are a breed to be admired. Year in year out, they have this great hope for their team. Every year, hoping this is the year. Every week, they get excited. Almost every week, they get disappointed. I'd bet most of you were probably secretly rooting for them during the FA cup too. And girls out there, if you have a Spur's fan as a boyfriend. I swear, he probably will be the most patient, long-suffering, tolerant guys on the surface of this earth. They're dreamers for sure. Maybe a bit deluded to some. But wow. Dedication. So I understand fan types and how they apply to relationships. But what about a guy that doesn't watch soccer at all?! Well. Exactly. Mine's rather tricky. Well, not mine anymore, hence why I need help. (Unless you're applying for the job) You see, Loving this guy is pretty much like loving Liverpool. A surprising great beginning this year. Unexpected. And just when you feel like you've struck the lottery, the cushy astroturf looking shagpile rug got pulled out from under me. Me flat on face. Its precisely like watching the 2nd leg of the Champion's League match. The first half started out so good. Then it started getting bad. Last minute, our luck started turning and things looked up. At the end of it all. A draw. Which led us back to square one. Don't even get me started on the own goal. Mirrors how I usually have the "foot put in mouth" disease. Ok guys. This is where I'm asking, no, begging. From a fellow football fan to another. What do guys want. Really? Ah yes. And in case I forget. Applications and advice, can be mailed in to --------- I found this pretty darned ironic. 2 yrs later, and back to square one.

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