Thursday, October 18, 2012

An SG fashion fan's love song to the rain

The view from my window.. this morning

It's raining..
It's pouring...
We'd all rather be snoring..
But an SG fashionista jumps out of bed
Thinking, "Oh YAY! It's Fall/Winter!" instead..
And "What fab faux fur can I wear this morning?"

-Sara Ann K,  Thurs Oct 18th 2012

What a fabulous morning don't you think?
I know its one of those.. "Iwouldratherbeathomeinbed" weather days.
And, while it is awesome to snuggle up to ma' man  Mumble..
Having a real live man would be tons better.

So... Any way.
Rain in Singapore is awesome. It means that instead of having tootsie-freezing temperatures in air-conditioned offices, temperatures will drop to an even more arctic degree!
Ever the perfect excuse to trot out all fashion loving peep's fall winter gear that we have stashed away. Yes. I know you have that faux fur, or quilted jacket, that ordinarily would make your armpits cry if you even attempted to wear them out in Singapore humidity.

But when it rains...
What bliss...

The perfect soundtrack for today..

Today's fab faux fur outfit 

Glamorous office toilet shot right there...

Ice and Leather... on my right hand... heh.

Had to wear my snowglobe ring. So at least- There wld be some snow

was brought to you.. PRACTICALLY FREE!!!
Just cos I'm Chindigga like that...
*gangsta sign*

Courtesy of (well.. mostly my sister.. heh. Cos I "borrowed" quite a few things la... Not all mind you. And I did buy some of the stuff FOR her. Kindly refer to below.)

Faux fur+suede vest - Forever 21: Bought for my sis at $20 last year
White 3/4 sleeve top : random- my sisters
Skinny jeans: No brand bought from Chinatown at $15 like.. 10 years ago
Leather "riding" Boots: my sister's =P From Dolce Vita
Right hand:
Cheetah knuckleduster ring: A cheeeapie from Thailand
Cluster bracelets: borrowed from sis (bought from accessorise like... AGES ago)
Fendi Bag: I bought for my sister's 28th birthday

The perpetually on me accessories that I never take off on my left hand:

Snow globe ring: from the now defunct Curious Teepee
Yellow Topaz ring: from the now defunct Poh Kong Chye
Blue Sapphire "Blessings" bracelet: about $80 from Kevin Seah
BVLGARI coin bracelet: my sis's bday gift to me this year =D
Keyboard: courtesy of SPH Newscentre

Yup.. raining at work.
And I was trying to camwhore a cool shot when intern walked in
from the loo wondering whatdahell I was doing.
So Sara got paiseh. And stopped. heh.

Can I also just make a QUICK mention to how cute guys look when they are in army uniform?
*blissful sigh*


sara ann k

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


IF only....

IF I knew then...

IF you had...

IF we tried.....


Somehow.. The word "If" on its own, seems to suggest wistfulness. Regret. Longing for something that is past.

An interesting Christian commentary on the word "if" can be found

For a long time.. One of my fave poems was "If you forget me" by Pablo Neruda.

Even though it speaks of longing.. it speaks of a love that is conditional.

Well, now, 

if little by little you stop loving me 
I shall stop loving you little by little. 

If suddenly 
you forget me 
do not look for me, 
for I shall already have forgotten you. 

And yet, it is not conditional.. willingly. Because the writers true intentions, are to run freely with his love. To let go.

if each day, 
each hour, 
you feel that you are destined for me 
with implacable sweetness, 
if each day a flower 
climbs up to your lips to seek me, 
ah my love, ah my own, 
in me all that fire is repeated, 
in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten, 
my love feeds on your love, beloved, 
and as long as you live it will be in your arms 
without leaving mine. 

My love feeds on you love beloved.
A love based on fear. Fear that the love will not see reciprocation.

Yesterday though, a dear friend and I were having a long conversation, and he reminded me of a poem that I haven't seen since I was 18.

A beautiful, beautiful didactic poem written by Rudyard Kipling.

In it, "IF", becomes something beautiful. Something powerful. Something filled with potential and promise.
Something, that come become truly mighty.

So thank you...

For sharing this "If" with me. 

Because you made me believe in the beauty of "If".