Saturday, April 23, 2011

MFW 2011- JBB

Incredibly stylish man himself, Bote was just adorable.

I loved his outfit, and.... I would have bought everything in the store for a guy if I could.

He had a Thom Browne aesthetic with a slight asian twist to his collection. Tailored for the Asian fit mostly. Shorts which are cut at the length most flattering to an Asian guys legs (as they usually, tend to be rather on the skinny side and look like chicken legs if berms are too long).

Yeah. It might not be avant garde. But how often can you say you can find good quality fashion, with great cuts, great tailoring, that fit well, and BONUS- totally made for the Asian climate.

Totally wearable.

Totally preppy.

Totally geek chic.

Oh. Have I mentioned I'm a sucker for men in specs? *grin*

I love my geek gods.

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  1. his collection is one of my favorites too!