Thursday, April 24, 2014

I hate....

Being accused falsely.

In fact... it's a super huge pet peeve, because whether it was at home....

Or by a former *&$#$/% of a boss... I always got falsely accused of stuff I did not do.

And I hate it.


So when a friend accused me of doing something today. I jumped.

And then my friend burst out laughing.

"Ok la. Ok la. I believe you."


"You always get super kan cheong. Then get verbal diarrhoea. All PIAK out liddat, machaam guilty whenever you are innocent....

Maybe cos you debates last time. When you're fighting for something you believe . . . You cannot shaddup one la.

Only when you are quiet. .. then you  dangerous!"


I think.... I need to learn how to play poker. Get some pokerface going on.

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