Friday, May 2, 2014

TANZANITE (and going bling shopping)


I've been meaning to post this for a long time..

Say it with me...



Because it's blue and purple. It's shiny. It's pretty. And most importantly.. it's one of my favourite gems because it's actually one of the hardest gems to find naturally and can only be found in one place in the whole wide world. The Meralani Hills near Arusha to the north of Tanzania. (An East-African state.)

Before I proceed, and people start thinking... is she hinting.. blah blah blah...

Is the wild horse finally getting the urge to settle down because the clock is ticking... etc etc.


I have just this to say.

Ok. So why I'm talking about this?

My nephew has probably just about succeeded proposing to his gf, with an awesome sapphire. (Awesome choice! And I am sooo proud of you. SEND ME PICS!!!! IAMSOEXCITED!!! And she better have said yes or my studded handbag with knuckleduster handles and I have something to say to her.)

We were having a conversation about this two weeks ago, when he first told me he was going to propose. Because while he and potential wife-to-be did have discussions before about the ring she wanted, he was still nervous about choosing a gemstone.

I told him I totally approved of his choice. I always applaud the choice of something other than a diamond.

(Just like, while I do love roses, like I do all flowers... my favourites are always slightly different. No lilies. Not sunflowers. Not tulips. Love them too.. but.. not my faves. But that's another post. For another day.)

Either way... I chanced upon this gem, Tanzanite, maybe about 5 or 6 years ago, when I was going for auctions, trying to look for a pair of earrings for my mom's birthday.

First State auction in Singapore to be precise. And I'm convinced... best buys EVER!

It also, has where I've started bringing a couple of my guy friends for proposal ring shopping. =P Honestly... a pal of mine paid 4k total plus tax, on a 1.2carat round solitaire diamond, with E vvs1. Retail price on that baby in stores, would have been anything from 10 to 15k. RIDICULOUS.

I mean. A diamond, is a diamond, is a diamond. If your girl is gonna flip just cos you bought it at a bargain, perhaps... she might not be.... quite the gem afterall.

Plus, diamonds are not rare at all, if you don't already know, the rise of diamonds as engagement rings were all part of a clever marketing campaign by DeBeers, who started the slogan "Diamonds are forever". A company that stockpiles the diamonds to drive prices up. I mean. COME ON.

(p.s. Another pet peeve of mine... is how people inflate prices by 300% once you slap a WEDDING tag on it. -_-".  Bouquet $80. Oh it's for a wedding? $350! Like... whuttttt?!!! Did the flowers suddenly become gold-plated versions of themselves?!)

I'm sorry. I might sound cheap. But... I just don't like getting ripped off.

And I do love a good deal. Come on. I'm part-Indian, part-Chinese.

Either way these days.. when girls show off their bling... I kinda roll my eyes. Not in jealousy mind you. Haha.. nothing like that. I just think... pfft. Another one to buy into that marketing crap.

Add that to the fact that seriously, there is the whole issue of blood diamonds...

But.. give me an experience over "a pretty thing" any day. I'd rather wear a hunking unpolished rock of a diamond as a knuckleduster. With people thinking it is worthless, rather than a pretty thing that looks similar to what everyone else has.

Then again. It might just be me. Afterall, I am a girl with mylittleponyrainbowunicorn colored hair.. who is planning on going platinum. So... blending in, and keeping up with the Joneses ain't exactly my thing.

BUT.... If you are a guy, and are going ring shopping, are clueless and need a consult.. yes.

You can ask me.

Whether you want to find out more about auctions in Singapore, where to go, when they are held. Diamond wholesalers here (yes, I know a few too), what price you should be looking at (people used to say - the polite thing is 1.5 times your salary, though these days, they say 3 times... I say. HOGWASH!!!!!Be generous, but not stupid and bankrupt yourself before you even get married you idiots.) Or even if you want to consider gemstones, and want to figure out what kind of gemstone would suit your other half... Feel free to ask.

P.S. If your girl DEMANDS a certain kind of ring, that is waaaay out of your budget. And you think she's worth it. I WILL try to dissuade you from marrying this person. I WILL tell you this girl is childish and not worth your while. And a girl who thinks that a ring and a wedding, is more important than the life that is to come... is not worth it at all.

I would also like to say, I am actually a big fan of mangagement rings these days. Ok. So maybe it has a little to do with my issues with commitment.. But... I feel like.. well. If I am being shown off to the world as "She's Taken!" - why should the guy still get months more looking like he's still footloose and fancyfree?


Either way ... if you want some really cool options for gems.. Here is a list of the 10 rarest gems in the world.  A little too rich for my taste. But.. hey, if you have the cash, it's also cool.

There is this thing called... a Memorial diamond too... Made up of the *cough* Ash. Of your loved one/ones.

I'm not sure how your other half will feel about wearing grandma or grandpa. But hey... if she had a pet dog she really loved that passed away.... Who knows. O_O

But, in Singapore they can be found in Algodanza , internationally there is Lifegems .

I do love helping people pick out the perfect ring for the one they love. So far... 9 guy pals, with 9 very thankful wives. *wink*

So... yes. Ring Shopping Pal services offered.

And oh...  the diamond I've gotten that I treasure most so far in my life?

A chip of a thing, that my closest gal pals got me for my 21st birthday.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Nah. I could have easily lost the ring. But those friends, and the fact that I haven't lost them 14 years later....  those are the real diamonds that last forever. 


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