Thursday, May 15, 2014

Only someone in fashion would understand....

Two weeks ago, while dropping off Cronuts at a friends place.

Guy friend: "Have you lost weight?"

Sara: Hmmm.. I don't know. Maybe. Haven't had much appetite of late.

Guy friend: "Ya. I think you have. You look.... GAUNT..."


Conversation 2:

Fashion friends talking.

One fabulous person going: I think I might be coming down with a stomach flu...

Everyone else: 

Conversation 3:

Friend: Did you lose weight?

Sara: Hmm... maybe. Breakup la..

Friend: I'm so sorry to hear. But YOU LOOK GREAT!!!

Conversation 4: (just today at the Audi Fashion Festival, actually)

Cute Model Guy: You've gotten prettier.

Sara: Thank you.

Girl: Did you lose weight?

Sara: Maybe.. 

Cute Model Guy: You definitely have. You're looking good. And I love the hair.

Girl: How did you lose so much weight?

Sara: Hmm.... Maybe, heartbreak and stress la.

Girl and guy answer simultaneously:

Girl: Breakups and stress. Best combination

Cute Model Guy: Aww.... Stress is not so good.

Conversation with mom:

MOM: You look too skinny now.

MOM: You look just right... not too skinny, not too fat...

MOM: Awww.... you look nice in that outfit... See... this is how you should dress all the time.

Tell me this isn't true for you.




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