Friday, May 30, 2014

Sorry for the silence...

I've just been busy as a bee with tons of stuff going on! And for the first time in a long time, I've actually been at peace and happy.

There seems to be so much to do and see all the time. So many people I need to meet up with....

Honestly. I lead a full and fulfilling life. No complaints. Meeting lots of cool new people, even on instagram.. ;-)

Plus I'm pretty psyched about some stuff coming up! *sara bouncing excitedly*

The cutest thing I experienced today though, was one of the readers of the website I help run for work, Uncle Jacob, who came down to collect a prize he won for his his 88-year-old mom!

Now, this is the portal I help run and manage, and the contest he took part in, was to win a Mother's Day Staycation package with Far East Hospitality.

The cool thing about all of this though, is that our crowd, being an entertainment and lifestyle portal, is usually full of winners aged 12 to 30, who want to win movie tickets, concert tickets. Meet Justin Bieber/Taylor Swift or the next Korean boyband.

So when I saw Uncle Jacob, I was pleasantly surprised. For one - that he was rather senior. 65 actually. AND he managed to navigate our website to do a pretty awesome post .


I mean... it would take me forever to explain to my mother how to do something like that.

Me and Uncle Jacob.

But... cute lil Uncle Jacob wrote to me at 5.30am this morning, to tell me he was coming to collect his prize today.

I think the fact that I replied almost instantaneously had him guessing that I already live and work rather irregular hours. So he actually spent time talking to me for a bit.

Very cute.

I have no idea why so many Auntie's and Uncle's these days have been volunteering love advice to me. Perhaps... as they say, people "sense" when something is near?

From the "Don't get married. You don't need to."  To the "Follow your heart". And the all time favourite, "It is all about the right time."

Uncle Jacob's gem today, "You'll never know, maybe the right guy is walking toward you. But you're too busy running around to notice."

Perhaps Uncle Jacob, perhaps. =)


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