Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Do you believe in Astrology?

A long time ago.. I met someone that I thought.. was amazing.

When things were really good, I thought that we made an invincible team. Seriously. So, when a friend did a astrological sign compatibility of the two of us... I pooh poohed it away. We were communicating 247 practically.. and it honestly felt at the time, like... the best thing in the world.

I trusted him... and loved him... completely. The first time I ever have... in years.

I never have believed in fortune telling - which has said I will be rich, have kids. Though I will have a tough time in my earlier years.
Astrology - which has said this would be the start of 12 extremely good years for me, especially where career and love was concerned.
Numerology - which has counted that I will have a lot of very influential friends in high places, and at the end of my days, I will own a lot of property.
Zodiac signs - which have said that I will be with my destined, this year.

I believe in God. So... I guess, I take stuff like that with a pinch of salt.

But perhaps... I should have paid heed to my friend, who sent me this... because uncannily enough. It is only in hindsight, that strangely... much of it seems true.

relationship between Gemini-Cancer Cusp and Cancer A
Working Out Feelings                       Rating: 9/10
Best at : MarriageWorst at : Family
An emotionally complex situation can arise in this relationship. These two are linked psychically and /A in fact may share a prophetic vision that will bind them closely; their level of intimacy, however, may X require the working out of deep personal feelings, a task that may require years of dedication. A lot is going on beneath the surface. It may never see the light of day in the short term, but it will have to be sort-d out eventually. This will require the faith that the relationship is headed in the right direction, and also the patience to let Time do us healing work Assuming the interest is there for such subjective explorations, the the relationship holds great promise. Gemini-Cancers are usually the cooler and more objective of the pair; Cancer I’s tend to be more at the mercy of their feelings, and although they may pride themselves on their psychological astuteness relative to a Gemini-Cancer partner, they may be unable to see themselves clearly.
Increase your awareness. Don''t lay your problems on others. Take responsibility for your feelings. Don''t let your moods bog you down.

Whatever will be, will be.

Que sera, sera.

So.... do you believe in the stars?


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