Sunday, June 8, 2014

SO.. I finally made the jump

So... a occasionally wise person once told me that this was a mickey mouse site.

I've never really pretended to make this out to something that it wasn't. It was/is a blog. Which, if original definitions still apply pretty much is an online journal.

The only thing is, I guess, blogs have changed over the years and evolved into something else. And to lots of people in SEA - and SG especially, they seem to be a money making endeavour.

I'm not sure if that is the direction I want to take. In fact, I am not sure about the direction I want to take at all.

Just that I know for sure, that I would much rather NOT have people reading stuff I am writing say about, hair products I've used, reviews of places I've gone, photos of places I've been and seen, alongside my private thoughts.

Which is rather ironic.

I actually, already have 5 blogs. If I recall correctly. Including this one. And most that others don't know about.

Some of them, helped me through breakups. Some of them, are strictly for writing. Some for venting.

That doesn't even include physical journals. Where I do pen my thoughts as well.

Maybe I just have a lot to say.


I did finally make the jump. I finally bought my own yesterday!!!


So now, when I'm not at work. Or busy doing work. Or instagramming. Or tweeting. I am busy looking through wordpress themes.

And I am confused.

There are so many out there. And God this is tiring.

I don't know what I want exactly. And something where content is easily ported - for eg - if the site changes. If the template upgrades. If I need changes done.. I want something that works with that easily.

For now, from the little research I've done, I think I need something that is multi-page.

I mean... I talk about a lot of things. Food. Travel. Fashion. Life.

I would like one, that for posts, also have the gallery option. Sometimes, I have really nice photos and it's hard to put all of them up on FB. (Though, possible.) But those are private as well. And I'm not sure about setting up a "Fanpage". I mean.... who am I to have a fanpage. O_O

E-commerce might not be my main thing but the option would be nice... maybe? More because well, I do have A LOT of clothes. A LOT. And a lot of times, I have tons of stuff that I buy and I don't even land up wearing. Or sometimes, wear just once.

I was thinking it might be cool to sell those things, and use that money for charity as well. Or for the causes I support as well.

Something optimized for mobile. (Both uploads, as well as for readers) - would be nice.

Something that can also either include widgets for social media. Or can highlight social media, would be nice too.

The thing is, a lot of sites look more or less the same. Lots of girls do the whole fashion blog type thing. Which to me... well. First of all, I am not vain enough to take photos of myself all the time. And I doubt photos of me are going to cultivate a cult following. And to me, having 6 pictures of myself in ONE post. On one outfit. Geez that's a lot of me love isn't it?

Let's not forget. I am also just a chick without the help of a selfie stick. (Beautographer definitely not included.)

Something that could highlight videos? Hmm.. I don't know if I need it. But.. who knows.

I don't know about putting my personal blog stuff up there. The way I have here. Where is it slightly more curated and less "stream of consciousness" type rants, but.. at the same time.. still immensely private.

But, what is the likelihood that I'll be able to maintain all of these different sites as well?



Honestly. I don't know. I just know that I should have a site that possibly. Is more professional than what I currently have.

Yup. That is all.

For now.

Oh. And if any of you have any advice on wordpress themes etc... HELPS PLEASE... (or advice would be much appreciated)




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