Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Cabbie Story... of the white haired maiden

"WAH!! You can speak Chinese ah," the cabbie uncle exclaimed in surprise in Mandarin. "I thought you ang moh! Your hair la... why leh? You want to be ang moh issit," he chuckled.

"No la Uncle, I just wanted to make a big change... This is cool la."

"Waaaah... come to think of it, your hair colour look more like 白发魔女 (the white haired demon maiden)"

I smiled, amused.

"Actually hor, you know ah.. her hair wasn't always white leh. Did you know that?"

"No leh, I never read the story before..," and I buckled in, knowing I was going to not only get a story, but an education.

It's actually quite sad, the white-haired maiden was very pretty, but her hair turned all white because of heartbreak, when her lover betrayed her.

"Aiyoh.. he cheated on her?"

No no. Nothing like that.

You see, her name was Lian.. and she was a vigilante like Robin Hood but she was a skilled martial artiste. And the guy, Zhuo, was actually going to help rescue his father, whom she and her group had captured, and stolen provisions from.

The thing is, they met by accident before he went to rescue his dad. And they already had sparks fly.

It was only during battle the next day, that the young Zhuo realised that the woman he had to fight, was her.

Eventually, they still fell deeply in love.

It was actually a mistake one day that he attacked her by accident, and she was heartbroken, thinking he betrayed her love.

And because she loved him so deeply, when she fell asleep heartbroken, she woke up, transformed- her whole head of hair had turned white.

Still heartbroken, both at her lover, and now, at her loss of beauty... Lian fled.

Zhuo, spent the rest of his life, trying to find her and make it up to her. Trying everything, including hunting for this special flower that could turn her hair back. Except it was a rare flower that bloomed once every 60 years.

"Wah, that's very sad Uncle... did he at least manage to succeed?"

I don't know.. I know that for years, because she was so heartbroken, she could not forgive him even though he tried very hard to win her back.

I remember in the show though, that he did finally find the flower. But once he had it... something happened and it got crushed or lost or something.

"Wah, Uncle, thank you for telling me that story... You know... I also changed my colour... because of heartbreak you know, and I didn't even know the story then."

The rest of the trip, I fell silent, contemplating all the events leading up to why I had gone for such a drastic hair change.

No regrets, but... interesting how legends can somehow come to life too, eh?

I can only hope, that my story will not have a tragic ending.

No guarantees on the hair colour though.



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