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In the spotlight: Foxxy - Only for the bold, beautiful and the brave, baybeh!

So you guys know that I was gone for a long time in Bali earlier this year. One of the reasons was because of The Fashion Festival, Bali at The Stones Hotel at Legian. A Marriott hotel from the autographed collection. So it was a really nice swanky affair.

One of my fave discoveries at the festival, was Leah de Gloria. But another one I fell in love with. .. Foxxy clothing. 

Now I can safely tell you that their designs are not for everyone. 

Funky. Cool.  Quirky. They are not what you would call subtle. No. Some of them are definitely a lesson in peacocking. Literally,  with all those feathers going on. 

But they were one of my favourite discoveries because without a doubt,  anything you pick from the label  is guaranteed to be a head turner. I found their outfits nothing to look at in the hangers.  Mostly because they didn't seem to make sense.

It's like stepping into a costume shop and being overwhelmed by all the sequins, feathers, lace, exploding in a riot of colors in your face. No. .. this is not what one would call a cohesive collection.

And this is why. .. almost every single creation- a result of designer, Natasha V's brain- is worth taking the time to look at and absorb. You need to take time and slowly pour through the choices, like you are in a vintage shop scouring for the next gem of a find.

The pretty Eurasian looking girl who has based the brand in Jakarta made a good choice. . Her clothes have pop. Swagger.  They're not for the faint hearted. And if you are one of those who wants to stand out in a sea of Ibu's (socialites in Indonesia who are known for their big bouffant updos) with their high hair and all. .. this brand might very well be your best bet.

Almost every single piece is a one off.  And priced between SGD $100 and up,  at an average of $250 to $300 per outfit. .. honestly.  This is a bargain. Essentially you are paying for a couture-like, unique piece, at RTW prices. What's not to love? 

Trust me,  not all of them look good on hangers. Some looked horrendous on the models too. Because these are outfits that need a personality to go with it.

If not, you are really just going to look like a girl who is playing dress up in her mother's clothes. So its best if you are LOUD. Or LARGER THAN LIFE. You need to be to pull these clothes off. Otherwise you could look dreadful. Think... prom queen princess meets Mick Jagger.

But I can imagine fashionistas who are bored with what usual brands have to offer,  finding this a balm. I can picture the brand being favoured by pop stars. Performers. Actresses. Anyone who has a red carpet event. 

Any of her outfits will definitely get you noticed. Whether you land on the Best dressed or Worst dressed lists  purely depend on how you pull the outfit together.  But you will be photographed for sure.  Her outfits are hard to be ignored, so you might as well play around, have fun with fashion and take a chance.  Life is too short to take things like fashion so seriously. 

So... Go big. Or go home.

Paired with a tiara, this fishtail sequinned gown can definitely overwhelm. You have to be BIG to carry this one off, or risk looking like a drag queen in costume.

But, what is remarkable about the piece, is that it is impeccably tailored. Falls beautifully. And looked like liquid metal when the model walked. 
The designer, Natasha, wore this one evening and looked sensational in it. It can look precariously close to a getai outfit, but with the right amount of sass, this was again, another head turner.

This, believe it or not, was one of the more sedate pieces. But it actually really looked great in person. A high-waisted embellished and embroidered skirt, paired with a bralet. It actually worked. Gave me a couple of ideas.

While I am not a fan of the mullet skirts anymore, Foxxy seemed to pull them off with aplomb. Always choosing the right fabrics so the flow and movement was there.

The mullet in acid pink had a HUGE crystal waistband that definitely was eyecatching.
Again, you would never think a full sequinned number to be one of the more subtle pieces in a show. But in the Foxxy collection where acids and neons seemed to rule, this blush number seemed tame.

I don't think I would have ever thought to pair a pink fur jacket with a black sequinned gown. But it did definitely make you look.

While not a fan of the entire look, I did appreciate the work that went into the ruffled tiers of this maxi skirt. It also looked divine when in motion. 
This mullet dress was a stiffer fabric, so those who are going for movement and a bit of sass when you swish, need not consider this. But somehow, it held its own in elegance on the catwalk.

The choice of the lace over nude, was really stunning up close. And this dress would definitely work on a couple of age groups. You have to try it on though, because as with everything, FIT IS KING. And you don't want the dress to overwhelm and make you look like a doily.

This was actually really cute. I loved the skirt when the model walked. Again. Movement. Reminded me of an Isabel Marant piece I have. 

Again, another mullet dress that looked stunning when the model moved. I could not help but stare at this dress. It reminded me of some of the prettiest fighting fish I have seen.

Pink and frilly, this is definitely more for the younger socialite set.

And I'm pretty sure some girls would love to have this for their sweet 16.

While the pink sequinned mini didn't wow me, the PURE LEATHER STUDDED JACKET DEFINITELY DID!
Had I not already spent so much, I would have bought this in a heartbeat. Exquisitely handcrafted. And was a steal for what it was at about $300 SGD. I am still regretting not buying it.

Another prom princess dream. 

While I doubt I would ever wear this, I still could not take my eye off it. Perhaps it was the rainbow in my hair. Perhaps because I know that no matter what, this rainbow colored number will have people looking. And staring.
Plus, the pink parade will love it if you donned this for Mardi Gras.

This dress, while not my style, was exquisitely crafted. The detail that went into this... amazing.

This number was so fluffy and cute. The floral bralet. With the ostrich feathered skirt. Adorbz. I got annoyed by the shoes though.

I loved this feather and lace dress so much, I bought it.

Cute for a Sunday brunch. But slightly too short for meeting the parents, this is probably a first or second date dress. One of those where you want to be seen as sweet and feminine, and yet...... a lil' saucy on the side.

This teal number was again, another pouffy confection. Loved the color. And I'm sure debutantes would love to don this at a cocktail.

Again another frothy, cutesy number.

The finale.

The cute Bee, posing in a Foxxy fur jacket in front of the Mr & Mrs Wardrobe collection
The designer of Foxxy and I, wearing her creations.
The Foxxy Team with myself (far right) and my friend Tiff (2nd from left in white)
The cool studded bralet top
This was actually two items. A mesh embroidered sequinned dress, and an ostrich feather skirt
Myself and my Bali BFF, Casey Burgess. A former presenter with the popular kid's show Hi-5. Both of us weaing Foxxy. Loved Casey's cute dress with all the feathers.

Remember I said I bought the dress? Yup. Wore it to Digital Fashion Week 2013!

I'd definitely like to thank Foxxy for clothing me that night. I really enjoyed wearing her clothes.
You can check out their main webpage at

And the one who definitely needs the kudos, The Stones, Legian, for pulling the whole The Fashion Festival Bali, 2013 off. I had great fun. Thank you for inviting me.

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