Sunday, December 29, 2013

Err.. so the last post was a lil emo O_O

And. .. believe you me. I was as surprised as you to see it published.

My account was hacked you see. Well. . A few were. But. .. I find it interesting that out of the many unpublished stories I've put in and never put up. .. that this was chosen.

I left it up for a few reasons.

One. Well. I did write it as a note to self. A reminder if you will. To keep myself in check emotionally. I tend to very often. .. These days at least... give way too much in relationships. Perhaps overcompensating for the b#@$h that I was in my younger days. The hearts I trodded upon. Not that I'm proud of it.

I've learnt that to move on. . Not only do you have to forgive others,  but you have to learn to forgive yourself first. Something I think I need to work on.

Another reason I left the post too.. to remind myself to be careful.

That there are people out there who don't need a reason,  to want to mess with your life.

Cyber crime is a very real thing these days. So is cyber stalking.

And that yes. .. it can happen to anyone.

Even lil ole me. 


So note to self: better to stay safe,  than be sorry.

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