Sunday, December 29, 2013

Date with Destiny: Fate.

The last few days I've been pondering the idea of fate and destiny.

Do you believe in the idea of "The One" or do you think there are many options out there?

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to lean (maybe at this point in time) toward the idea that if there is one person you are meant to be with.. that regardless of what happens.. fate and destiny will lead you to that person.

Why would a relatively sane person, with a healthy interest in science and logic believe in something as bizarre as fate?

Doesn't that also contradict my religious belief therefore, that we have "free will"?

Honestly, religion.. love... faith... the one... they are ideas and concepts that have constantly been a battle in my head. Something that I've had a hard time grasping.

I've fallen, more than a few times, for people who were of different religious persuasions, only to meet with HUGE disapproval from my family. Well. More the mom. My dad I think, can't care less. 

There have been times where I definitely have wondered if this "marrying the same religion" thing, is a notion as antiquated as marrying someone in your own caste, class, background, race....

But at the same time... it really does matter, doesn't it.

I've seen relationships break up for smaller reasons.

I'm now... a ripe old age of *coughahemcough* well, let's just say I'm no debutante.. I have had friends who have been married. Some... twice by now. Many are happily married with kids... been around the marriage block a few times around.. while I feel like I'm still in my warmup suit, sitting on the sidelines.

Proposals aside.. or guys asking me to marry them... I've looked back and took them apart... why didn't I just say yes?

Why didn't they go through?

Ok. Have you ever met a couple and thought... oh yeah. They feel right together. They just have this cohesive, happy feeling and you can tell immediately that they will land up together?

I think people give off this energy...

I'm not even sure what it is...

The reason why I'm even thinking about this is because I've told.. a few people... WHO I HAVE DATED no less... who they were going to marry. Sounds bizarre?

And aside from that... there have been more than a few friends of mine, who I told... "This is the one." I called it, more often than not, before  the relationship happened.

Take for example.. these two friends of mine I am supposed to meet this afternoon for tea. I met this friend, Chez, at yoga. Fun. Spunky. And we just hit it off immediately. Like an old friend you've known all your life, even thojugh you've never even met them before. Kindred spirits perhaps.When Chez first told me about this person who was coming to visit... I just had this feeling..... that... "This was the one."

"Naaaaah," Chez said at the time... "We've never even met,she's just coming through and crashing. But yeah, we can talk for ages. She paddle boards, and cooks, and she's just really cool... but I don't know. I mean.. I'm not even sure if she's my type."

I looked at her photo... "She's hot." I told Chez. And the more I listened.. the more I felt like this girl, let's call her Beignets... I had the increasing sense that this was "the one" for my pal Chez. Even though, yes, they had only spoken for less than a month online, and had not even met in person yet at this point.

About a week ago, Chez told me they're getting MARRIED in Jul 2014!!!! And can I just say... I was hopping, skipping and jumping on the inside... I was so excited! And don't get me wrong, they've been through a fair bit. And even split up for a month for a while. But... all the time.. I just was hoping that they would figure stuff out... and land back together... because they just had the feeling... that they were meant to be.

I'm in no way a savant or a clairvoyant or psychic. But... haven't you had times where... you just know. I can't even explain it.

But... it just happens. Or clicks.

A guy I dated close to a decade ago once took me to his class reunion. We had a lovely time mingling with his friends, but when we got back from that... I told him, break up with me. You are going to marry this girl. I still remember him asking me, "What are you doing? What are you saying? I like YOU."

"I like you too. But we're never going to work.And she likes you." I said with certainty.

"You got to be kidding me. You are breaking up with me because of what you THINK you feel. How do you know you are right. She is a lawyer. Hotshot lawyer. Dating a hotshot judge. She wouldn't like me."

I looked at him, and told him.. "Trust me."

I walked away. And never looked back. 

Five years later, at a shopping centre... "Sara!"

I turned around. Sure enough, there was this guy, J, with the girl I told him he would land up with... and their daughter.

Weird huh.

Well. .. These aren't the only instances I've called it. But first to Chez and Beignets. ...

CONGRATULATIONS! I have a love for you two that I can't explain. And I really do wish I could have spent more time with you this year. I am so happy for you two.

Chez. I told you so.


Meanwhile. .. wanna know more about my disastrous love life and how I've managed to tell a couple more ex's who they were gonna marry. ..

Stay tuned. ...

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