Monday, March 31, 2014

Gym etiquette: Should I walk around the gym naked after my shower?


In case that was not clear enough for you.

I am actually one of those girls who strangely enough, has hardly any care when in the proximity of friends. I have terrorised my close pals by walking out starkers when we are sharing rooms. Acknowledging their discomfort by barely shrugging on a bathrobe to cover my modesty. And yes, quite often at home, the dresscode is pantsfree.

Strangely enough, for someone who is that nonchalant about nudity in front of my mom/sis/good pals - I am strangely paranoid about being seen in swimwear. Trust me. I don't get it either. But tell me to put a swimsuit on, and I freak out. It was not easy for me being in the Supermodel or Miss Universe contests, I can tell you that much. There were lots of tears and howling. And that was just from my parents who did not like to think that their precious daughter was being paraded like meat in front of a live TV audience streamed to more than 1 million households in nothing more than skimpy pieces of cloth masquerading as swimwear.

But, in that same vein, while I am pretty cool about nudity around me, I do recall being rather perturbed, when I was working out at this gym that used to be at the heart of town.

The first gym I belonged to, I used to think of it as a hamster cage, as it was mostly glass and everyone could look through and see you sweating it out. A lot of the women wore make up to work out. Something I did not understand. (Still don't. So I look like crap when I work out. Thank you very much. And I don't smell like flowers either.)

But it was at this particular gym one day, when an aunty of about 40 - walked around starkers. Now, I can safely say that for someone in her 40's, she definitely was in good shape.

Till this day though, I cannot for the life of me remember her face (thank god), but I can remember most of her body, in particular, her rather hirsute pubic area, that was barely 7 inches from my face. Sans towel. Right in front of me.


Now fast forward to me now. In the work force. I would NOT want to see one of my clients/news-makers/bosses, in any form or manner of undress.

I am not the Russian Mafia. Turkish bathhouses are not my thing. I don't exactly need to see who I am dealing with without a stitch on to save his/her soul. (I am convinced they do meetings in bathhouses only for the easier clean-up) though I do get that you probably are likely to be more honest when you are feeling that vulnerable.

But even if I don't have to do business with you some time in the near future.

I kind of am not really keen on getting your sweaty body rubbed against mine.

For one, is there really a need?

I get that you are proud of your body. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Kudos. I'm glad for you.

But, even given my love for winging it Lady Godiva style, I use my "magic tricks" to get changed in the locker room.

Come on. All of us girls know a few.

The remove bra magic trick.

The change your underthings with towel still on trick - that most of us probably got used to during school days during PE sessions.

The shimmy and shake out trick.

The longer shirt that covers most things trick.

COME ON. Use some of these magical skills you learn in school. That's what they are there for.

We don't need to see your bits and bobs.

Speaking of which....

Ok. Rant over.


P.S. I do think that hot bodies are given more leeway. And more people are likely to stare, and forgive hot bodies who strut their stuff. But quite honestly, you are already looking that good. Don't need to make others feel bad about it right?



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