Monday, February 24, 2014

I promise to post more I promise to post more I promise to post more

I promise to post more!

I know I know. When I was in moblogs, everything was convenient though. It was basically everything in one. I put an mms out. Or an sms out. There. My blog would be updated. And then of course there were the legendary long writeups too.

Thing is, after working where I have been for the years I have already... besides having long hours, you basically get "all written out".

When you actually have to write for a living. The process becomes a lot less enjoyable. I have found it hard to find my voice again because of all the different styles of writing required by "the house".

But, I hereby promise *sara raises right hand* To post more. A lot more.

And on everything I can possibly post on.

But.. with me on twitter, and on facebook and everything else. Seriously... WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO STOMACH MORE OF ME?

Heck.. I get sick of me sometimes.

Well. A lot of the time really.

How does.. a short post at least... maybe once every two days sound?

And then.. if I lapse at this.. somebahdy tweet me and get my ass moving?!

Have been thinking of posting a lot of things. But as is, I am already behind time with work laaaaa....

So I'll try my bestest.

Till the next time my dear ladies and gentlemen,



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