Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Selamat Datang Bali Indonesia

The sun is shining so bright that it hurts my Marni clad eyes. I scarcely can believe that it is already Sunday. Two nights since I arrived in Bali.

Friday night was.. somewhat unexpected. But magic can be created from spontanaeity. Lots of good times.

Which sort of ended like this...

But.. that again, is another story which we shan't go into just yet.

So,  why am I here on this beautiful sunny isle girls and boys. Well, there is a long story to all of this. A tale of friendship and love. The abridged version of the tale goes like this: The Fashion Festival Bali.

So I'm sitting here in a beautiful hotel called The Stones at Legian..

And boy, it is beautiful.

I am actually rather surprised that I've never heard of this resort before which is apparently a part of JK.W. Marriott- The Autographed colllection.

Plus the people here are so warm and welcoming.

At nights, the place becomes aglow with light. And we're not talking normal lights. This is the kind of light that appeals most to the ah lian in SARA. Disco type glow lights. The kind that people use to pimp their rides. The neon blues. Acid greens. Fluorescent pinks and yellows.

Photos to come.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for a post on an up and coming designer I love love love.

This post was first published 25th Aug, 2013

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