Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kindness begets kindness

I have often believed in the powers of being positive.

Some people have called it "The Laws of Attraction" and put it in a book and charge you to tell you the same one thing that is pretty obvious..

Be happy. Smile. Be nice.

Basically - treat people the way you want to be treated.. and really. Life will just pay you back in kind.

Take for example.. two weeks ago on July 25th, I had a long day at Legoland. While the skies over Malaysia were overcast - the heat was still searing, and it just sapped every ounce of energy that I had.

That said the geek in me - still enjoyed the unveiling of the Lego Miniland Star Wars Death Star.
750,000 pieces of lego. Seriously. If I could have stolen it, trust me. I would have.

Just that it didn't quite fit into my Mulberry handbag.

That said..
The interesting part of the evening was when my mom said we needed to go back to Ikea because my sis wanted the same chest of drawers I got last week.

Yup- MALM - mirrored chest of drawers.

They were about 699 when I first saw them and thought.. yeeeah. SHINNNEEEEEE. I wants one!
And my sis, aka "The Enforcer" was like.. are you cray.. that costs way too much for just.. a chest of drawers.

BUT- little miracle- last week it was half off and only $299!

So- yesterday, momsy and myself made a trek back to Ikea. land of 50 ice cream cones and a dollar hotdogs. (BTW- the $2 for 4 choc filled donuts are a must try.)

And there... sitting in the AS IS section.... slightly scratched.. but totally fine.. $169!  FOR THE VERY SAME CHEST OF DRAWERS. Just that it was a display piece.

Hello. I have said this time and time and again. This gurl.. totally loves a bargain. And knows one when I see one. So, I grabbed this - and a lamp that was $10 down from some equally ridiculous price because it was dented. Lamp is going to the corner of the room. Why would I care if its dented at the base. I care that it used to be $80 and now I'm getting it at a steal!!!!

So, after purchasing these great deals, and telling my momsy that I would take the banged up one.. We tried to arrange for transport and delivery. Stupid thing was- we went there at night. Stuff we ordered last week, was being delivered today. And we missed the 2pm cut off and everything was already locked and loaded in the trucks. So we had to either pay $50 for delivery, or bring it back ourselves.

Thing is- despite the many things we bought the last time, it also set us back $50. So it seemed rather senseless to shell out the same amount for just a lamp and some shelving right?

AH. But you forget.

This was a display set. SO not only was it heavy. It was already ALL ASSEMBLED.

So... sara had a little brainstorm, why not try to disassemble the chest so it can fit.

After many enquiries, all Ikea would do- was lend me the tools for it.

So there I sat. With an audience of 4 men sitting on different black leather couches.. none of which offered any assistance even when I was struggling to move the heavy cupboard on the trolley...

I was feeling pretty proud of myself- figuring out the chest like a puzzle, but 10 screws down.. It suddenly dawned one me. Once I took this apart. It was never going to be put back together again. At least. It will never be the same again.

So.. I told mom. No. Let's just try to bring it home.

We head down to the carpark and when mom backed up the boot... it was there I had the sinking realisation that no matter how we pivoted this darn thing.. this junk wasn't gonna fit into that trunk.

Mom was starting to get really tired..

And then.. I said.. wait. Don't panic..

A truck next to us was just about to drive off, and I ran in front of it to stop it from moving away. Then... tapped on the drivers window..

"Hi- I am soooo sorry- but do you think you can help us..."

I related to this Ah Beng, as he listened patiently. His kid, with dripping ice cream, wanting to hurl his hot dog bun at me from inside the truck. (I don't blame him. It was already 10.30pm. Kid must've been tired.)

"Don't worry- I'll pay you.." I said, pleading.

"It's not about the money. If Sengkang, I'll say yes la.. Just that its Katong. It's a bit late, and a bit far.." - said Ah Beng.

"Please.. I really don't know what else to do.."
*sara pulls puppy dog eyes*

"Ok, I'll follow behind you la."


When we reached home. Jason, as I learned his name later, did not even want money.

But, I gave him a small token of $30 any way.

What do you know. I had just been to Legoland right?
And for some strange reason.. I had 3 complimentary tix instead of just one pair, along with two $10 food vouchers.

How much are the tickets worth? Usually, about 140 MYR (about S$70 each).

That said though. I was completely grateful to Jason. His selflessness and willingness to help me?

I was just glad I could bless him with those tickets. Apparently, he and his 4-year-old just went there not too long ago and loved it too! So I can't be happier that it went to someone who will appreciate it.

So you see...

Kindness, begets kindness.

Isn't it amazing when everything just... falls into place and just works out?


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