Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sara gets botoxed...

yes yes...

You read right.

And I'm sure now you are dying to see it for yourself right?

Ok. First and foremost. Let me just say that yes, I have tried botox before.

HATED IT. I have these smile lines on my face that make me look like I have kitten whiskers. Or a pair of sunnies have made indentations on my cheek. I do not like 'em though people think they are cute.

But, one time, my doc said why not try a little bit of botox to help it.


It literally froze my face.

I lost my smile for like 2 weeks. And by that I don't mind I had to go hunting for it, I didn't misplace it somewhere, just that my facial muscles couldn't recall how to smile properly. And that for me....  is drastic.

I am the queen of smiling.

I once taught a male supermodel how to smile too.
But that story another day.

I actually even have the no-teeth smile. The half smile (4 to 6 teeth) and the full smile (6 to 8 teeth).
And its better to say "Monkeys" in photos. Not "Cheese"- which can sometimes result in a thinner oversmile.

Any way. After my first round of botox, and smiling like...

For 2 weeks.

I actually am serious. I did smile like that the whole time because my mouth and cheeks couldn't estimate where to start or stop. So I looked like a deranged lunatic the whole time. And from then on.. I swore. NEVER AGAIN.


Till this fateful day...

So.. whaddya think peeps?

Keen on trying?
Am actually wondering if I should try it again.

Either way, if this is something you are keen on trying, you might actually get better prices here than in Thailand.

Yes. I've checked.

Try Prive out and ask for either Dr. Karen Soh, or Dr. Miranda Walsh. They're both really nice. And try asking for the "Sara Ann K- friends and family discount".



I know. You sick people wished there was more blood and gore. Or the post would land up like a comedy channel one right?

Ha. Don't you worry at all.
More stories to come...



  1. aww.. Thanks Gilbert.
    Is there a visible difference though?