Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Something special happened to me today...

Long story short.
Because as we know I can get a little longwinded.

Someone wanted to take a photo with me today.
(Well- at time of publishing- technically, it would be last night.)

I mean. Of course I am used to it. People come up to me everyday and ask for photos. And more often than not I have to shield my eyes with huge glasses and my face with a newspaper as I run across the street to buy food while being chased by paparazzi.

I know. It was nice to daydream for a short while.

Any way. Yeah. We do get requests for photos once in a while especially when we are out on shoot. Though honestly, I probably had THE MOST photo requests when I was the princess host for Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses.


Kids. Loved. Me.

Can you spot me in full Barbie glory?

When I do hang out with my other pals like... Nat Ho... Sheila Sim.. Rebecca Lim.. blah blah blah.. Well, I am pretty much accustomed to their fans asking me to take the camera and take a photo of them. To which I usually oblige rather happily.

The former me, might have been a lot more insecure and maybe jealous even. But not only do I like my friends, I think... I like myself. I am comfortable with who I am, and what I want to achieve, and I have reached that point in life where I can genuinely be happy for another friends success. In fact, we really do want each other to do well from the bottom of our hearts.

But the thing is today. It was after a long day at work.

It wasn't long because there was a lot of work to do. Just... A lot of.. frustration on my part.

And I went down to the auditorium in my office to check out the rehearsals for TNPNF 2012. And this girl Fai I think it was, literally bounced up to me after practice.

"Can I take a photo with you please.... You saved my life!!" she enthused.

I was a little perplexed because I think I would remember if I gave mouth to mouth resuscitation to any human being.

"Someone was asking me to host something. And then.. I was so horrible. So my producer actually asked me to watch your videos on RazorTV. And I've watched every single one of them. And its really helped! They say I'm better now. You saved my life! Can I take a photo with you please?"

So.. I took a photo with the girl.

And.. something inside me just lifted.

I think.. it was the sweetness of appreciation.

We all some times crave it.

But honestly.. I haven't been getting it in a long time.

It reminded me of that sweet feeling of surprise, when I hosted the Stomp Getai awards about a month ago, and an Uncle came onstage to gift me an "angpow" to show his appreciation.

She's young, but already a veteran.
Pro-getai singer and host, Peifen, is very used to getting gifts and tokens from
appreciative members of the getai audience.
Do you see that?
Yes. Getai singer Jin Lian was given a sash with $1000 cash stapled onto it.
I am in the wrong line. Evidently.

My angpow which the old Uncle gave.
It only had $10 inside. But it was the best $10 I have ever recieved.
Knowing that it probably came out of his CPF, or allowance from kids...
And the fact that it was my first time hosting Getai in a smattering of English and Mandarin,
while dealing with my getai-pro host who spoke in rapidfire Mandarin and dialect...

Feeling: Priceless.

Qixian- My co-host for the night. And myself.
I was dressed in local label xfemmex.
With a Celine cuff, and Givenchy shoes.
In the Toa Payoh Heartlands Amphitheatre outside the library.

Yup. I was so prepared for this shizz.

I was, so incredibly touched by the gesture, if you were onstage with me at the time. You would have seen tears in my eyes. I still have the ang pow in my wallet today.

And just earlier today, someone I respect, Oo Gin Lee, an incredible tech writer with The Straits Times Digital Life came up to me while I was buying coffee, saying "Oi! We missed you at the IT show this year la."

"Eh.... why miss me. Got booth babes.. and then so-and-so covered it what.." I replied.

"Yeah la.. But you are good la!"


Warm fuzzies.
Seriously. When you are recognised by people who are your revered peers as well. It feels good. To know they see it. Even when some times, the people you wish saw it, don't.

Sometimes its the little things that keep you going on.

Thank you for reminding me that I love what I do. And for telling me, that I am good at it. Because the people around me, have been telling me otherwise for a long time. No matter how strong you are, or how thick your skin is, some times, people can wear you down.

Thank you, for lifting me up.

And yes.

One day.

I still want my own talkshow.

And my own book. Scent lines. Lingerie. Children's book. Among other things.
Always nice to have goals to work towards, right?
Even nicer.
Having people who believe that you can achieve it.

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