Wednesday, July 29, 2009

tanjong pagar


Tanjong Pagar is a place in the CBD that has a lot of history. At least it is according to Wiki, the omniscient cyber presence, because I wouldn’t have lived here on earth long enough to know.

Now, there are lots of places rich in cultural history that you can visit in this business district. And if that is your cup of tea, fine with me. Enjoy.

But first, you might have to know how to get there.  The easiest way, would be to get off at the Tanjong Pagar MRT station, that is on the East West line of the MRT.


What I do find interesting about Tanjong Pagar though, are their nightspots. Many of which are closely guarded secrets to people “in the know”.

Though, if you do google Tanjong Pagar, THIS dodgy website does come up as the first few links on the search. Weird huh. Heh. I wonder what it has to do with the area at all.

Anyways, one place that has long been popular, is UNION SQUARE. It actually is a place known for being a salsa club. How I learnt about it? Pick up artists.

Don’t ask me. I just do my job.

But, here is a little snippet of a salsa night there.

Another one of my fave places in Tanjong Pagar, is J Bar.


Located within M Hotel. Its a great place to chill after work. Swish and snazzy on the inside… You can escape the band by heading out to the rooftop area which gives you nice views of the city.


It gets my vote as one of the best places in Tanjong Pagar mainly because during happy hour… the housepours and bottles are ONE FOR ONE!

Speaking of “happy”.  There are some “rainbow” happy clubs that are very well known worldwide to the pink community located in this area

However, if that is not your cup of tea. And you like hogging a mike, a great place to hang out with your friends would be Party World KTV at Shenton Way.


They have a thai bar that is right next door and pretty happening too! *cheeky grin*

Meanwhile…. that’s all for now.

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