Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My fave blog ever

This is my fave blog ever.... Its called postasecret and it is one of the most awesome movements.

I wish i had the coffee-table books. I usually spend hours poring my time over the different confessions.

Some are happy and some are sad.


I am pretty sad right now because the first place that led me online.... moblogs is closing down. So i am feeling a little lost.

There are about... 4 to 5 years of my life written on that blog. Pictures.. everything.

Some of my deepest thoughts.

But at the same time... Something I learnt yesterday at Care group... reminded me, if we don't let go of the past, how can we embrace the future that was really meant for us.

Meanwhile... I mostly am on Twitter.

I will miss being Hostsara though.

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