Friday, November 22, 2013

What you have broken...

After all that's been said and done. ..
I've been thinking a lot about love and trust.
I think it's true.. you don't always trust the people you love. But you can love the people you trust.  At least, it is easier.
Maybe I trust too easily.  
I know that in the last few years,  it's been so hard for me to trust anyone. To truly open up. Let down my guards. Barriers. Forts. 
Share who I really am. My thoughts. My dreams. Who I really am - warts and all. 
Who I am online. In public. Who I am to all of you out there. They are me.  Pieces of me. They have all been authentic,  because I don't believe in pretending to be someone who I'm not. 
But they're not all of me. 
I am soft-hearted. So if someone is in trouble,  I help. It's just what I've been taught to do. When someone needs help,  you help. 
Now,  the list of people who have taken me for granted is just growing. ...
In maybe the last 10 years,  I've only let 2 people in ... and only 1... with all of me. 
And now,  even that is proving to be a mistake.  

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