Thursday, September 12, 2013

In The Spotlight: Leah Da Gloria - A star from Sydney

We all know I do love my clothes. But, I seldom am blown away by designs or designers. And, this time around at The Fashion Festival Bali, one 26-years-young designer from Sydney, Australia did just that.

An instavid shoot we did at the presidential suite of The Stones, Bali with Chantelle A.

With Leah's blonde hair and her red lips, I had already noticed this chick when she rocked up in The Stones, Legian. But when the dots finally connected, it was when I had my mind blown.

First, let me explain. Leah Da Gloria is fresh off Project Runway Australia where she walked away 1st-runner-up. But judging by the reaction of Australian celebrities that are in attendance at this event, she was by far, the hot favourite pipped to win.

The top 4 finalists in Project Runway Australia. Leah Da Gloria's was the stunning white piece. 
The winning entry was the futuristic black number, 3rd from left.

Rightoff the bat on the opening night hers was the only collection that blew me away. Yes, it was bridal couture, and yes, there are thousands of wedding gown places out there. But how many of them can claim to be doing everything by themselves? Whether it be stitching, pleating, sewing - there are no elves or little minions hidden away in sweatshops.

No, Leah is hardcore, working out of her home, every single painstaking stitch done all by herself, and over the course of one year and seventy custom gowns later, she has finally saved enough money to start up her own flagship store. No assistance. No mommy daddy atm. No loans. Nothing. Seriously.

I want to visit it. Except it is based in Sydney.

Ah well. Some time soon then. Not like I have any occasion to wear a bridal gown to. O_O

But I digress.

What makes this even more amazing, is the attention to detail. You can see why even though she has only been out on her own for a year, why she has has such success.

Here are some of my shots from Leah Da Gloria's fashion show at The Fashion Festival Bali held at The Stones.

Sequins embellish this number with a sheer train.

My absolute favourite, especially since it was a gown in mint.
This starred a thigh high slit and the most exquisite origami like mini-pleats on the whole outfit.

Not everyone likes a girly gown. So you can suit up as well.
And check out the detail on her bell-bottomed suit pants featuring a sassy fringe.

Yet another piece, this time, a bustier, with signature mini-pleats.
Very figure flattering, the dress floats on a wearer.

An elaborate corset gown featuring the most stunning lace.

And look at this gown. OMG. Simple and stunning. Both front and back.

I couldn't resist by try it on for myself when we were having fun in the presidential suite of The Stones.

We had a fun day with Leah. Which felt like a girly dress up day when we just went to town with her gowns. Organising an impromptu shoot all over the hotel.

That's Leah in the background fluffing up the gown she made, modelled by a pal, Chantelle. Isn't that just an exquisite dress?

It was great shooting in The Stones where we were staying because there were so many places that were just amazing to photograph- like this giant chess table, that was in the dining area.

Here, my BFF in Bali took a spin in one of the glorious Leah Da Gloria gowns as well while on the chess table in a shot taken by Wesley Kow.

Aaaah Casey. I miss you so.

She used to be one of the Hi-5 presenters and from the time we got stuck in the same helicopter ride to Uluwatu's Semera Luxury Villas. We were #BFF's.

Here was a video a good friend of mine did on the flight:

I mean honestly. With a trip like that.
You become family.

Well. In closing, since this is a feature on Leah Da Gloria and her fashion, I will leave you with a photo I took of my favourite Leah piece that we shot at the Helipad of The Stones.

Magnificent dress really.

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