Monday, June 4, 2012

Coupon cutting

ok. I am officially a sucker for a good deal.
I don't know why but I can't help it. It's like a disease. A good deal. Or, sellavision.

And woe is me.. when both happen at the same time!!!

Like today, when I saw this deal on for.. a pocket chair!!!

Now retailing for the great price of $12 instead of $24

What can I use this for. You mean... WHAT CAN'T I USE THIS FOR?

ISN'T THAT FRIGGING AMAZING?! The chair folds into your pocket.

And before you think this is an advertorial... Sorry to disappoint peeps. I AM ACTUALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!

ok. Another thing I was TOTALLY contemplating getting today...

I just tweeted.. as a random birthday present suggestion.. Because really.. at $35 bucks.. AN ICE CREAM MAKER!!!!

Remember when you were a kid and wanted one too?

Well, I wanted one soooo badly as a kid. My other pals all got those ice cream maker kits they would sell at Toys'r'us. But it cost like.. about 100 bucks. And I was OH SO JEALOUS. Even though it didn't really make that great ice cream. I mean.. we had to put ice cubes in the bowl and the powdered mixture with milk on top of it. Wasn't great.

But this... THIS!!! This has potential!!! And at the great price of $35 bucks!! I mean.. its right up there on the list of things mom refused to buy me, like the pink barbie doll car, the barbie doll house, the chemistry set and sea monkeys. Among other things.

Btw. My bday is on June 24th. Pretty close people. #imjustsaying

Another good suggestion for a bday present. *cough* Besides money of course, since Cash is always King. (Yes, I still don't believe I acted on that with all these huge stars years and years and years ago...)

Language lessons. An Ipod shuffle with French/ Japanese/ Thai/ Cantonese / Korean/ Spanish/ Italian lessons on it would be awesome..

Or you could start with a basic Korean class for $29 for 4 lessons for me.

And since I love love love foot massagers, here's another great deal... 

Its a foot massager! At $138! I've been dying to get one!!

Well it came with a video too, but after the pocket chair one.. this was pretty disappointing...

But still... I'm kinda psyched.
I almost wanted to get it for a pal who is always traveling around and loves foot massages too.
But. Said pal. Pissed me off. Nuff said.

Moving swiftly on..

I was also seriously considering getting this,

And if that didn't convince me...

The video with its gentle massaging action... and I'm pretty sold!!!

Now to just convince my mom and dad, that this is exactly, what Mumble needs..

Are you talking about me Chica? 'dees beeches be loco. 

Well... Fine Mumble.  Pfft. My locks need to be tamed too.. and I've been considering a keratin straightening for a while now.. but I saw this today.. and was wondering if it was any good...

Jap-anti-firzz. Supposedly no formaldehyde and therefore better for hair.
But, I've never heard of it before.

Rebonding, I've heard. And done. Hmm..
Brazilian blowouts, and keratin straightening.. heard as well, but never tried.
All I want though, is just to have more managerable hair.

But this, even at a discount, isn't exactly cheap. And if I washes out in like 2 washes. I'd be seriously pissed. Cos it costs more than rebonding at most places!

oh.. I recently bought a cupcake/muffin maker..

I mean, COME ON! Look at how pweeeety they are.
I couldn't resist. At $28.90. I bought.

And... I got a happy call from at $79 as well...

ok.. watch the indian home shopping network version. It makes me laugh...

There's like, Korean, Hindi .. and Tamlish in there. AWESOME.
BUT WHAT WHAT WHAT?? How is it 24.99 there when its so much more expensive here?


Well. Still. There's another smoothie maker I am considering....................

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