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A girl's guide to EURO 2012 : The lookers Pt 1

Hello peeps we are about 3 nights into the EURO CUP 2012!!!!
And I am sure there are many girls out there who might not share my excitement, so what I thought I'd do, is give you some motivation to watch the sport you might otherwise be losing your partner/spouse to over the next month or so.

Or at least till the 6th of July. Before Olympic fever sets in.

So girls.. from pooling all my resources. Searching high and low, and scoping out all the best pics for you as well.... I shall present you the reasons why you should watch Euro 2012 with boyfriends and husbands. And perhaps, give you a little knowledge that will help you impress the dude too.

First of all, based on twitter- these are the most tweeted about players. Know these names. Google a little about them. Chances are, if you pick up a few nuggets of infomation about them, you will knock the socks off your man.

Taken off the site, a very useful resource.
Seriously. If you can't beat them, join them sista's.

BTW. Just so you know. Dancing around naked in front of the TV at this time will not do you any favours. While watching TV naked when a romcom/chickflick/jersey shore is on, and make it into a "you can't touch me" game, or doing that during the news/reruns/when sellavision is on, might help your relationship, this time, dancing around naked might get you a divorce.

Do not touch the remote control.
Do not change the channel.
Do not try on clothes and ask if you look fat.
The best thing to do is get your man a beer. And a blowjob. I've heard both at the same time while he's watching might be best- though I've heard guy friends tell me they really would rather not. Need to save energy for late night and work next day and all.

First, let me point out there are 16 teams in all. And some teams, are really more genetically gifted than others. So it had to be a several part series. But to be fair, we're doing this alphabetically.


This was his pic on the UEFA site, and I am loving his cocky 'ttude and
though I am embarrassed to admit this, I love the bling too.

Even the light hits him the right way.
Hottie #1
Name: Danijel Subašić

Position: Goalkeeper
Date of birth (age): 27/10/1984 (27)
Country: Croatia
Squad number: 23
Club: Monaco ( FRA)
Height: 191cm
Weight: 87kg
Twitter: #Subašic

Though the looker of the team, we might not get to see much of this guy unless the camera pans over to the bench because he's the backup GK to Stipe Pletikosa. Although Bilić considers him to be second choice ahead of Ivan Kelava.

But, even though he has yet to make a debut for Croatia, don't worry hons. Monaco spotted the goalkeeper's talents and paid Hadjuk Split €1 million for his services in January. So he has got the KA-CHING! (Which probably explains the bling.) What's the exchange rate now btw?


How Michal normally looks when he's just chilling out.

How he looks when he's hot and sweaty.

And why you might not have recognised or noticed Michal thus far.
He had this Hannibal Lector thing going on.
And no. He does not eat faces. At least I don't think.

Hottie #2
Name: Michal Kadlec
Position: Defender
Date of birth (age): 13/12/1984 (27)
Country: Czech Republic
Squad number: 3
Club: Leverkusen ( GER)
Height: 183cm
Weight: 75kg
Twitter: #Kadlec

Well. This guy definitely has football in the blood because his father, Miroslav Kadlec, captained the Czech Republic to a surprise runner-up place at the 1996 European Championship. (Which, I don't know about you, but therefore seems like his dad, probably is a Smokin' Sir cos mathematically speaking, he probably is pretty young, no?)

By far he's already scored 8 goals in 34 internationals while he dad managed 2 goals in 64 matches, so who's your daddy now?

And, as for the mask, he even manages to trump up pity points. Michal hasworn a protective face mask for nearly five weeks, after an attack by two fans of Bundesliga rival Cologne in April left him with a broken nose.

Wanna play Florence Nightingale- he's your man.

Hottie #3

Why you look so sad Pilar? Its just football....
She did not just say that.
Oh yes she did.

Name: Václav Pilař

Position: Midfield
Date of birth (age): 13/10/1988 (23)
Country: Czech Republic
Squad number: 14
Club: Wolfsburg ( GER)
Height: 170cm
Weight: 68kg
Twitter: #Pilar

Kudos have to be given to this dude who scored his countries ONLY goal against Russia. And yes, it was a devastating defeat. They were beaten 4-1.

Still, this dude was his nations' hero and with his boy-next-door looks, shouldn't have a problem finding a bosom for a pillow.


Hottie #4

Does he not look like a magnificent greek-god-like specimen?

Even in an unglamourous shot, his blonde locks give him a natural halo.

But just before you mistake him for an angel, he shows off his bad boy tatts.

Name: Simon Kjær
Position: Defender
Date of birth (age): 26/03/1989 (23)
Country: Denmark
Squad number: 3
Club: Roma ( ITA)
Height: 189cm
Weight: 82kg
Twitter: #Kjær

With only 9 caps prior to FIFA World Cup 2010, Simon is now definitely more experienced. And this blonde hA OKyed 24 times for his country. And surprise surprise, the Danes beat Netherlands in their first match in Euro 2012.

Unexpected outcome in the group of death where Netherlands with their strong all-star lineup were touted to win. BUT, the Dane's have been known to overachieve when expected to underperform. And hopefully for women out there, this translates to other arenas as well with this blonde babe of a man. *waggle eyebrows*

Another man worthy of note

Hottie #5

I was drawn to his smug smirk on the webbie.

Name: Tobias Mikkelsen

Position: Forward
Date of birth (age): 18/09/1986 (25)
Country: Denmark
Squad number: 23
Club: Nordsjælland ( DEN)
Height: 178cm
Weight: 73kg
Twitter: #Mikkelsen

Claim to fame- he came on FOR Denmark, replacing Dennis Rommedahl as a sub in the 84th min of the game against Netherlands.

8 minutes of this yummy. Me happy.


Hottie #6

A.Cole. Otherwise known as the A.Hole who cheated on Cheryl Cole.
Nuff' said.

Name: Ashley Cole

Position: Defender
Date of birth (age): 20/12/1980 (31)
Country: England
Squad number: 3
Club: Chelsea ( ENG)
Height: 176cm
Weight: 66kg
Twitter: #Cole

 Hottie #7
oooh. That's exactly what we think when we look at you too hunneh.

And the boy scrubs up and suits up nicely too.
And this is his mugshot. MUGSHOT! Can you believe it.
My passport photos make me look like a potential serial killer.
All you can notice in his is his dreamy eyes.

Name: Theo Walcott

Position: Midfield
Date of birth (age): 16/03/1989 (23)
Country: England
Squad number: 7
Club: Arsenal ( ENG)
Height: 170cm
Weight: 68kg
Twitter: #Walcott

It's his first international tourney folks.. So.. let's show him some lovin'.
His excitement was palpable though as he was the first one to step off the plane in Krakow.
Which sounds more like the caw Ellen used to make on her Ellen show than an actual place.

Hottie #8

Can occasionally look like he's from SPARTA!

Probably can moonlight as Benocio del Toro's double.
(If the eyebags are anything to go by at least.)

And knows how to pose for the camera too. Nice.

Name: Andy Carroll

Position: Forward
Date of birth (age): 06/01/1989 (23)
Country: England
Squad number: 9
Club: Liverpool ( ENG)
Height: 191cm
Weight: 76kg
Twitter: #Carroll

He plays for my fave team of all time. Liverpool. He's cute. And he's huge. He's 6 ft 3 inches.
Let's hope that HUGE form applies across the table as he is the third juicy male I'd pick to round up the team of three lions.


Hottie #9

Striking it fierce.
Just like Tyra.

Name: Florent Malouda

Position: Midfield
Date of birth (age): 13/06/1980 (31)
Country: France
Squad number: 15
Club: Chelsea ( ENG)
Height: 177cm
Weight: 81kg
Twitter: #Malouda

Used to being in blue, this chocolate hunk usually seen in Chelsea is actually France's most experienced player with France's most experienced player, Malouda won his 75th cap when he played last half-hour of 3-2 friendly win versus Iceland.

Hottie #10

Looks great in action.

And off-the pitch action too.
This sizzling liplock happened with teamie Giroud.
I mean. They invented the term FRENCH KISSING afterall.

And can't you see this face fronting ads?

Name: Mathieu Debuchy

Position: Defender
Date of birth (age): 28/07/1985 (26)
Country: France
Squad number: 2
Club: Lille ( FRA)
Height: 177cm
Weight: 74kg
Twitter: #Debuchy

Well, if your boyfriend is a Newcastle fan than you'll be seeing more of this fella. He's played more than 200 times for Lille, a club he joined since he was 8 years old. And soon, this chiseled face will be seen in Newcastle United.


Hottie #11

Are you talking to me?

Yes you're talking to me, bring it on beeches.

The brooding blue-eye boy.

And how he looks in his take-me-home-to-your-mama-mode.

Name: Manuel Neuer

Position: Goalkeeper
Date of birth (age): 27/03/1986 (26)
Country: Germany
Squad number: 1
Club: Bayern ( GER)
Height: 193cm
Weight: 93kg
Twitter: #Neuer

He was assured the No 1 shirt and played with confidence denying Portugal a couple of goals. Calm. Cool. Collected. Like his eyes.


Hottie #12
Do not judge me by my uni-brow alone.
I know it makes me look like Bert from Sesame Street.

See. I can look good too.
Especially if you like your manly man hairy.

Name: Giannis Maniatis

Position: Defender
Date of birth (age): 12/10/1986 (25)
Country: Greece
Squad number: 2
Club: Olympiacos ( GRE)
Height: 178cm
Weight: 78kg
Twitter: #Maniatis

"One of the key performers in a Greek defence that hung on against Poland, despite being a man down for much of the second half." - source


  Hottie #13
Name: Ignazio Abate

Position: Defender
Date of birth (age): 12/11/1986 (25)
Country: Italy
Squad number: 7
Club: Milan ( ITA)
Height: 180cm
Weight: 73kg
Twitter: #Abate

Hottie #14

Name: Claudio Marchisio

Position: Midfield
Date of birth (age): 19/01/1986 (26)
Country: Italy
Squad number: 8
Club: Juventus ( ITA)
Height: 179cm
Weight: 66kg
Twitter: #Marchisio

Both goodlooking and hardworking.
The two were the first on the pitch for training in the Municipal Stadium in Krakow.

Now I would have liked to have rounded this up with a nice even number like 15 or 20 dudes.
But, for good things, one must wait. And I've already covered 8 out of the 16 teams in the final tournament.

More hunks coming right up.... soon.

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