Friday, May 25, 2012

What is love...

Posted this on my FB wall yesterday,

But what is love, really?

All I know, is that I couldn't bear to see you hurt, injured or suffer. That if someone caused you pain, that I would much rather have enveloped you in a hug and cushion you from the blows.

I know that.. perhaps, I overreacted. Or tried too hard. Because I wanted to fix things. Or at least, make you feel better. Because I hated them for making you feel bad.

What is love really?

Is it.. constantly wanting to be by the person's side. Wanting to hold the person's hand day and night?
Feeling like you can't live or breathe without the person?

Or is it having that someone on your mind all the time. No matter how you try to forget. Sometimes those thoughts will make you smile. Sometimes those thoughts will make you cry.

Or.. is it as you said. Love is to let go.

What is love really?

I wish.. I had an answer to that.

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