Monday, May 28, 2012

A typical atypical day

You know how people have been posting all those "what everyone thinks i'm like" "what my friends think i'm like" and "what I'm really like" pics?

Well... FB pages are merely a glimpse of what my life is like. And not everyday is like.. Last Sat. In fact. Most days aren't.

For one.. Even though I was dead tired.. I made it down to Yogamovement.

As you can see, its literally on the corner of Carpenter St.

A beautiful airy space, I love their 90min monster hot classes at 10.30am every Sat and Sun.

And surprise surprise... Guess who else was there..

The gorgeous Alicia Pan, with Rich Franklin and Heath Sims.

Besides the gorgeous Alicia Pan who owns the studio of course, UFC superstar and champion Rich Franklin, and Heath Sims, his trainer in Singapore.

I had the privilege of having lunch with Rich and Heath at Real Food.. I even spotted Asia's Next Top Model host Nadya of greenkampong, as well as famous blogger Mr. Miyagi chowing down with their families too! So you know its good.

Over lunch with Rich talked about everything from how both of them got into MMA fighting, what they eat, and for some reason - AIDS and the realities of it. He was also telling me how many fighters first start in MMA because they got bullied while they were kids. So I think its really cool that Evolve is organising a bullyproof class for kids in June.

The bad part about eating with super fit athletes, well. I felt like a piggy cos I started my meal with dessert.

A popaganda Dark-Chocolate and banana popsicle!
A superyummiilcious and totally delish popsicle, and its LOCAL!!!
Loved it. Its a little pricey at $4 a pop. But, healthy, organic, no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Its good stuff.

I wandered around by myself at Central for a bit.. and came across this really weird mannequin that made me laugh.
Grandma.. what big arms you have O_O
But the night was where well.. things seemed to go a little haywire!!
1. Dinner at Jap resto at Liang Court with pals
Where instead of eating with the rest of them.. I had.. dessert.

The mazazu crepe is seriously bigger than my face!

It was goood. I had the peach caramel gelato with vanilla ice cream from mazazu.  Served like a HUGE cone, it was a bit surreal to eat because it was.. well. Flaccid. But, yummy and creamy nonetheless.

But, since my sweet tooth didn't let up, and the resto we were at only had 2 dessert options, we proceeded to

2. Mcdonald's for soft serves!!!

MBF Tomur and me in the whose mouth is bigger contest.
There was no contest.

And then...
We headed to
3. En Lounge.
Usually chill, it was super packed for FULL CIRCLE.

We bumped into more pals there and seriously, FULL CIRCLE, pretty happening. It was the most crowded we've ever seen En Lounge and FULL CIRCLE is actually a party for the Japanese community. So can I just say... LOTS of Jap Boys.

I think we might have had a little too much sake though.. even though I merely had a few sips. And I met my CHIOBU twin. Same type of shoes. Exactly the same shorts.

Guess who is who?

Did you guess right?

Then we went to
4. Butterfactory

And ended the night at
5. Filterclub with chupa chups... =D

Can I just say... that the pics look WAAAAAY more happening than what we usually do. Or who I am.
For one.. Once you reach the big 3-0. You get tired..

My sis getting a half-time massage from MBF.

The thing is...
Most of the time. I was sitting in a corner. And by the end of the night... I was feeling a little like this little fella.

In more ways than one.
Because... well..

Just like my doggy Mumble..
I've been waiting..
Even when the whole family is home, Mumble has been waiting at the gate of late.
He misses someone.
I suspect I know who.
Maybe because I miss that person too.

OH. And just for the record. How I really am?
On a day off. Without heading out. I've been a couch/comp potato, in my old school shirt and comfy pj pants.

In front of the comp in my PJ's.
Don't judge. They're both striped.
And yup. That's me. The real me. =)
In my unglam glory.

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