Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where I am

So this might sound like an existential question. And it probably is as well.

But, let's not delve into the deep end right now. *grin*

Here, is where I will officially say: I am at STCommunities !

It's a brand new website that is really pretty cool. Its a portal dedicated to entertainment, but, its interactive and built on a social media platform model, so that ANYONE can post news or infomation, not just us journalists. So its actually highly interactive too!

You have a short film you want to share- here's the place you can do it!

Have a gig you want to promo, send us a video, shout your deets.

Are you thespian and have behind the scenes photos from a play you are working on? Yup!!! Here's your zone.

You can also post movie reviews, post music you like listening to by artists or DJ's others have yet to discover. ANYTHING!!! As long as its related to Movies, TV, Music or Shows (arts- which would include dance etc)

And its pretty easy too. No signing up or accounts needed.

Just... login with twitter or FB.. on the site.

For those who are blur... its on top of the contribution bar la dey..

Then you choose what type of post you would like to do- text, quote, photo, audio or video.

Here, I'm clicking on photo:

Now, if you haven't yet logged in because you might be a blur person like myself, you'll get another login prompt..

And then you're in..

You should then get a form like this...

Yup- you write your article INTO the portion that is called CAPTION.

And then, uploading pics, is pretty simple. Choose file/ browse.

(yes, you can caption all your photos. Feel free to be as funny and witty as you like. And give credit where its due!)

AND, you can add more pics to create a gallery too.

Just click submit post and VOILA!

You're done!!!

You'll get a notification email that your account is linked to your twitter or facebook thank you for your submission... and when it is published....

An email will be sent to you congratulating you on your article!

If you want to contribute a video... Here's how.

This is how it would look like when the post is done!

A quote post would look something like that..

And for you musicians or DJ's out there...

An audio post could be just your thing if you want to promo a new podcast/ mix you've done.

And.. this.. is how it would look when its published.

Pretty easy, no?

We also have a partner program that will be launching soon, where partners will have their photo/logo displayed on the main website in a partner box, where readers can click through to the website of your choice.

There are 3 different types of partners:

A community partner: A company or organisation

A personality partner: An artiste, singer, musician, artist, dancer, actor, director, celebrity, rapper- anything goes.

And a blogger partner: Preferably a blogger who blogs about Entertainment like movies/music etc.

Considering the ST website gets 60 to 80 million views in a month, and we tweet and facebook out cool new content to fans, its a good opportunity for you to blast out to a market outside of your existing fanpage/twitter profile.

You can also post movie reviews...
Like this blogger Eternality Tan, who reviews pretty regularly, and now I actually look forward to his posts.

Best part. ANYONE can do it.

But, if you are interested in becoming a partner, just let me know.
You can always contact me on my office email at

Meanwhile peeps..
Let social media rock on.

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BOOOOYA! Peace out!

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