Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm on sale... and other embarrassing moments this week (And its only Mon)

So not too long after I posted about my embarrassing incident with hot doc in Thailand, and managed to crack everyone up in the process of course, I went on to prove that seriously. My life probably deserves its own #fml page.

I think there was a time I did contribute quite a fair bit to that page. Must go dig it out for more stories I can regale you guys with.

BUT, first of all. Just this last Saturday, I had yet another appointment with the police at the Cantonment station. (Don't ask- long story- and not quite funny either. But, don't worry. It's all good in the hood.)

Meanwhile, my mom had to pop over to SGH, just across the road to pick up medication. Since it was raining, we figured she could pick me up after I was done with her meds, and me with my report. We would both take about 30 mins each. Easy peasy. Right?

Not in Sara's life.

About 1 hour later from the time my mom dropped me off at the station... I got into the car, cheeks flushed with same, going "MOMMMYYYY.. I'm SO embarrassed."

"Why Honey?" she asked.

You know how parents are when they have to wait for you?

Well. My mom finished in less than 30 mins. So about every 5 mins while I was still busy in the station. She kept texting me. (I sometimes miss the days when she couldn't figure sms out.) And while I was still finishing up the report- I got the nag call.

Yeah. You know the one.

"Why am I waiting so long for you. If I had known you are taking so long I would have..."

Yup. That really annoying one. When technically, it is all her phone calls and texts that are hindering my process.

So I was already a bit harried when I rushed out of the station. I had to collect my camera too. Which, btw, might I add, was strange. You get into the station and they screen your bags, took my sony point-and-shoot digital camera with the explanation "Sorry miss, no cameras allowed inside" and did the huge song and dance routine with me filling up forms etc to leave my camera in their care while I was inside. But they let me bring my polaroid camera in. I ...... do not get their logic.

Anyway, I digress. I had to collect my camera from the bumbling, but very nice and polite officers. While my mom was still blasting me with texts ,
 I am just across the road from the station.
Waiting in the car. Why so long?!

So I rushed out of the police station, dashed across the road in the rain in a hurry- and in my dishevelled state, ran to the car and opened the door.

And tried again.

And again.

And again.

And it was still locked.

By now I had tried so many times I was pretty annoyed with my mom. I mean, what kind of stunt was she trying to pull. I know I was late. But goodness. It was raining, and just stop listening to music or fiddling with your phone. I mean... If you call so many times, and have been waiting THAT long.. open up the damn door woman!!!!


So I started knocking pretty angrily on the window..

And then... I looked at the shotgun seat.


My mom had done quite a lot of shopping in the hour I was busy. And.. did they really sell airfryers in the hospital too? And why was she so messy... She always bitches about me being messy.. I should totally nag her.. AH HA, I got you now...

And I leaned down.. about to yell through the windows...

When I saw a terrified middle-aged man...

Who probably just saw me run across the road out of the police station.

And looked like I was about to either hijack his car to run away, or possibly steal his new airfryer.

My eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, and with my non-waterproof mascara that definitely did not stand up to even the mild drizzle I just braved.......

I am pretty sure he thought I was a crazy. Because I sure looked it.

And there I saw her.

Well. Not her per se.

But my mom's black car.

Just in front of a van that pulled out as my brain finally connected and puzzle pieces fell in, and I gave an apologetic salute and scurried off.

Well. To be fair. The man zoomed right off thereafter as well. Probably thanking his lucky stars.


I just succeeded in giving a poor middle-aged man a heart attack.
Thank goodness we were near a hospital.

Fortunately, Sunday wasn't that bad for me. Luck improved a smidge.
Did I mention.. I got new hair?

Yup. Electric blue/turqoise extensions. They. ARE. AWESOME.

And, as any fashionista worth her salt would tell you. New hair = New wardrobe. D-UH!

So, along with debuting my hair on Sunday in church, I naturally cracked out something from my "new" drawer.

Yes. I have a drawer full of clothes that are new, that are saved to "premiere" or make their maiden debut at special occasions. I even have a drawerful of new undies for that too. (Btw, mind out of the gutter peeps. See previous story on my belief on always wearing nice underwear. )

New hair is definitely a good time to crack out a new outfit. Not enough for something fancy, but enough for something... "Sunday slack". So I picked a white ruffle trimmed dress that would further offset my new "I-fought-with-a-peacock-and-I-won" hairdo.

I went to church feeling pretty good about myself. Getting up on time despite the late night. Making it to church so I could chalk up my JC points. New kickass hair. Yeah. Feeling good.

Then close to when service was over.

And mind you. We've been sitting in church for about.. two and a half hours now.

My mom reaches to the back of my neck and tugs.

"What are you doing mom?" I asked, slightly annoyed, in what I term a church whisper.

"You've had your tag out.." she said as she yanked again.

"Just tuck it back in la," I said irritably, assuming it was just the dress label.

But no...

Now, in my mom's hands, the whole PRICE LABEL.

$29 dollars on sale for $5.



Thank goodness my mom yanked off before we went for lunch.

In Joo Chiat.



  1. I would have let you hijack my car, if I had one. ;)

    The label , I think almost everyone goes through that , but still funny. thank god for moms eh.

  2. aww.. Thanks Gilbert. For letting me hijack your car whenever I want.

  3. Hey sasky!!! You don't know me. but what i read from your blog was so funny. Happened the same story... Strong Allergic reaction in a hotel in BKK last week... Face like a pumkin, so i called GLobal Doctor. Then appeared Dr Hot as a thai hot pepper... Dr Sithiphon as written on my drug prescription. Lol. Nice blog btw. Faye