Monday, July 2, 2012


For the life that celebrities lead, the millions they are paid are also in part to make up for the inconveniences that they have to face. Like, paparazzi. (Sure, of course they also get tons of swag, get invited to cool do's etc, but oh well.)

For me, I pity people on the side. Friends. Relatives. People who don't necessarily want to be in the limelight, but can't avoid it at times.

Today- papp pics that made me laugh a little..

Unfortunate friend of Alec Baldwin's new bride, Hilaria Thomas got papped......... and accidentally flashed her spanx.

Poor girl. Once she sees these photos, she will probably wish she had held the garment bag to cover her face, and not  Hilaria's instead.
oopsie daisies- spanx spotted on the far left!

Moving swiftly on.. 
This unfortunately was published in TNP.

While usually, most of the times a picture says a thousand words. In this case- the captions say even more.

If you can't read the caption it says
"She had her period and felt uncomfortable wearing a tampon"

Context? This luscious babe, Sarah, was one of the contestants in this year's Miss Singapore World. And, unfortunately, she was penalised for wearing jeans during the bikini segment.

In the end, 1.6m tall (which, technically, is very very short for a pageant queen) Karisa Sukamto walked away with the crown. She herself was pretty shocked at her win.

As for the poor girl with her period. Well, she came in 3rd. And hopefully will learn how to use a tampon soon.

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